The Best Honeymoon Destinations
in March

The start of Spring is an incredibly popular time to get married and go on a honeymoon, as winter weather in the northern hemisphere starts to disappear and new life begins to emerge. As well as classic tropical island retreats and hot trips to the African continent, Europe and North America also have several ideal honeymoon destinations for March that offer romance, culture and new experiences.

With so much choice across the world, deciding where to go on a honeymoon in March can be a tricky task. To get you started, here are our top picks for some of the best places to visit in March on your honeymoon.

Best for Romance

Gondala in Venice


Venice has long been considered one of the most romantic cities to visit with the person you love, making it an ideal destination for a European honeymoon. This famous Italian holiday destination is perfect for good food, sightseeing, and secluded strolls through ancient streets.

Classic romantic activities for newly married couples in Venice include a ride on a gondola, visiting museums, galleries and theatres, and enjoying delicious local food beside the canals. The weather in March will be mild and pleasant most of the month, and there won’t be too many other tourists around which means you’ll be able to enjoy places like St Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge undisturbed by crowds.

What makes Venice so famous is the fact that the city is suspended over a lagoon with canals in the place of roads, meaning that you have to get around either on foot or by boat. There’s a magical atmosphere in Venice that has been attracting couples for hundreds of years, and as soon as you see the beautiful design of the buildings, bridges and streets, you’ll understand why. That’s amore!

Abu Dhabi

If you don’t fancy joining the masses of other tourists in Dubai but still want to enjoy the unique blend of Middle Eastern and Western culture, a honeymoon in Abu Dhabi is a great idea. This is a brilliant romantic honeymoon place for couples who want to indulge in a bit of glitz and glamour on their holiday and enjoy a city with plenty of culture and luxury on offer.

Abu Dhabi lacks the touristy feel of Dubai but still has its impressive selection of boutique hotels and resorts that are perfect for a honeymoon. Whether you want to stay in the middle of the city or beside the beach, you can expect exceptional standards of service and plenty of places that have brilliant honeymoon packages for couples who want to splash out.

March is the last month of the peak tourist season in Abu Dhabi, but it’s a popular time of the year to visit for a good reason. Enjoy high temperatures that are ideal for spending time by the beach or staying out late in the evenings to appreciate delicious food and drink, and make the most out of your time together in one of the world’s most exciting cities. 

Best for Adventure

South Africa

Your first thought for a honeymoon in South Africa might be a classic safari, but there is actually much more to the country than its deserts. This is a brilliant place for an adventure-filled holiday because of the wide range of different activities on offer to visitors, from road trips to hiking expeditions and watersports. 

The Western Cape of South Africa is particularly beautiful at this time of year and experiences temperatures in the high twenties that make it a great sunny place in March for a holiday. Cape Town is a brilliant place to base yourself if you want to enjoy urban attractions, plenty of beaches and the nearby beauty of Table Mountain. 

Whether your idea of adventure includes sporting activities, discovering new places or venturing off the beaten track, South Africa has plenty of opportunities for all of these. It’s one of the best destinations in March for a honeymoon because of the sheer variety of activities on offer which has made it one of the most popular destinations in Africa for a long time. 


A brilliant idea for an adventurous honeymoon in March is to go on an island-hopping tour of the Philippines. With over 7000 islands to explore, there are plenty of exciting and undiscovered spots to visit for the day or spend a couple of nights on with your new spouse.

The Philippines are one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Asia, and many of the islands remain relatively untouched by tourism which is ideal if you’re looking for more of a rural experience. As well as sailing between locations and enjoying what each place has to offer, you’ve also got plenty of opportunities to drop anchor and go snorkelling or scuba diving in the incredible marine environment that surrounds the islands.

If you’re after sunny places in March to visit on a honeymoon, the Philippines should be right at the top of your list. It’s one of the sunniest times of the year across the islands, providing perfect weather for lying on the beach, swimming in the ocean, and topping up your tan as you sail.


Safari holidays are a popular choice for couples who want to combine adventure and romance together on their honeymoon, and Botswana is one of the best African countries in which to do this. With a variety of different holiday packages available, you can plan the safari trip of your dreams here.

Botswana is one of the best parts of Africa for a safari thanks to the variety of wildlife that are native to the country, and is a great place to spot elephants in particular in the wild. March marks the end of the wet season in the country so you can expect the landscape to be incredibly lush and green, providing the perfect backdrop for some envy-inducing honeymoon photos.

March is also a very warm time of the year in Botswana, with temperatures often reaching the low thirties during the day. Whether you’re camping out in the desert or are staying in a luxury safari lodge, the fact that it’s the low season for tourism also means that you’ll be able to enjoy great deals and incredible hospitality all by yourselves.

Best for Relaxation


A holiday on a tropical island is a classic choice for a relaxing honeymoon, and our top pick for couples travelling in March is Anguilla. This small, thin island in the Caribbean Sea is home to over 30 beautiful beaches which are just waiting for you to spend hours relaxing on as you take in the incredible views on offer.

Anguilla is one of the smaller Caribbean islands which makes it an ideal place for relaxation and quality time with your partner. Although there isn’t the same variety of accommodation on offer as some of the larger destinations, the island is an up and coming foodie destination with plenty of incredible restaurants to try during your stay. 

The weather in Anguilla in March is hot, dry and sunny; absolutely perfect for doing nothing but wandering down to the beach, taking a lazy dip in the sea and enjoying time to yourselves overlooking the ocean. The island is one of the best-kept secrets in the Caribbean for romance and relaxation, so go and book your honeymoon now before everyone else finds out!

St. Vincent & the Grenadines

St. Vincent & the Grenadines are also often referred to as ‘the jewels of the Caribbean’, found to the west of Barbados and consisting of 32 small islands. If what you’re really after on your honeymoon is that ‘deserted desert island’ atmosphere then this is a fantastic part of the world to visit and truly disconnect from everything else.

Relaxation is firmly on the agenda on St. Vincent and the surrounding Grenadine islands, which are all home to plenty of beautiful beaches and luxury hotels and holiday resorts. It’s also a brilliant place for island hopping and snorkelling if you want a bit more to do during your honeymoon, and St. Vincent in particular is a great place for walkers.

The Caribbean is a top choice for honeymoon destinations in March thanks to the hot and sunny weather that attracts plenty of couples coming from colder parts of the world. Every island has its own beautiful charm and offers a perfect place to switch off and really enjoy the present moment with your new spouse. 

Best for Something Different

Japan Cherry Blossoms


The state of California is one of the best holiday destinations in March because it’s a great time of the year to visit thanks to the perfect weather that never gets too hot, too cold or too wet. For a honeymoon with a difference, we recommend a Californian road trip around some of the state’s most famous spots like San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Visiting California on your honeymoon will mean that you get to enjoy the state without the massive crowds that flock to every town and city in the summer, and can make the most out of the huge range of attractions on offer. No matter what kind of couple you are, there is truly something for everyone on offer in this part of America, from hiking through Yosemite National Park to wine tasting in the Napa Valley and sightseeing in Hollywood.

A road trip is one of the best ways to enjoy all that ‘The Golden State’ has to offer, but you can also just spend your honeymoon in one of its fantastic locations. Whether you want to enjoy the beach, the desert, the countryside or the cities, California has you and your new spouse covered.


A brilliant, alternative destination for a honeymoon in March is Iceland, home to unique natural landscapes and plenty of cultural attractions. This northern country is a much colder option for a trip than any of the others on our list, but does offer couples the chance to see one of the most beautiful parts of the world outside of the peak tourist season.

Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland and its most popular location, and makes a great place to base yourself for a honeymoon in the country. There are plenty of different things to see and do here, along with a great range of accommodation options that are suitable for every budget.

One of the most popular things to do on a honeymoon in Iceland is to visit the famous Blue Lagoon; outdoor geothermal baths that are said to have numerous health benefits. You also might be lucky enough to experience Iceland’s other most famous attraction during your stay; the famous Northern Lights are often spotted in the evenings in March.


Japan is one of the most beautiful and fascinating countries in the world, home to a unique blend of modernity and tradition. It’s a wonderful place for a honeymoon in March for couples who want a holiday that’s a little out of the ordinary, with plenty to see and do across the country.

The biggest attraction for couples choosing to visit Japan on their honeymoon is cherry blossom season, where trees across the country bloom for an incredibly short amount of time. There are festivals held every year in many different places, but the best place to see the cherry blossoms in all their splendour is probably the town of Yoshino which is found outside the city of Osaka.

Whether you’re a couple who love food, sightseeing, history or culture, Japan is overflowing with different opportunities to enjoy and appreciate the country. From visiting an onsen in the mountains to trying karaoke or paying your respects at an ancient temple, there is truly no other country in the world that can compare.


The beginning of Spring is a wonderful time for a honeymoon, and there are so many different parts of the world that offer ideal weather for a trip in March that guarantees unforgettable memories. Our selection of destinations covers all situations and interests, whether you want to focus on romance or just want the holiday of a lifetime.

For more recommendations of where to go on a spring honeymoon, check out our guides to the best honeymoon destinations in April and May.

We also have a guide on Where to Go in March if you’re looking for more travel inspiration.

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