The Best Honeymoon Destinations
in February

February is often thought of as the most romantic month of the year, making it an ideal time for a honeymoon. No matter which part of the world you want to visit and explore, there are plenty of countries in both the northern and southern hemispheres that are ideal locations for amazing honeymoons in February.

You may have a long trip planned that you want to fill with visits to different places, or just be after a short stay at a luxurious holiday resort. No matter what you’d like on your itinerary, here are 10 of the best honeymoon destinations in February.

Best for Romance

Couple in Norway


One of the best honeymoon destinations in February in Europe has got to be Norway, home to outstanding scenery and plenty of fascinating culture. If your dream romantic setting consists of snowy landscapes, roaring fires and long nights curled up together watching the stars, you’re in for a real treat.

Norway is very cold in February and the nights are incredibly long, but this does mean that you’ll have an excellent chance of seeing the famous aurora borealis. The Northern Lights are most often spotted in the northernmost parts of the country, and at the start of the month there is a special festival held in Tromsø that celebrates all genres of music as well as providing plenty of opportunities to see the lights.

There’s plenty of romance to be found in both the rural parts of Norway and its cities like Oslo, which is filled with cultural attractions and plenty of brilliant restaurants and bars. For a modern honeymoon that offers plenty of opportunities to simply enjoy each other’s company, this Scandinavian country is just the ticket.


In total contrast to the snowy mountains of Norway, Egypt is another brilliant romantic honeymoon destination for couples who want to travel at the start of the year. This exotic African country offers couples classic beach resorts and luxury hotels as well as the chance to explore many of the world’s most famous landmarks, and is a great place to go and enjoy some winter sunshine.

There are plenty of coastal towns and holiday resorts by the sea in Egypt that offer a variety of honeymoon packages to newlyweds who just want to enjoy 5-star service and elegant surroundings throughout their trip. You also have the option of staying on several small islands, both private and inhabited, for an even more secluded and romantic experience.

Of course, if you want to get out and explore your honeymoon destination during your stay then Egypt has a plethora of things to see, from the ancient pyramids in the desert to the vibrant city of Cairo. It’s a unique, sensual and colourful part of the world, and is a great place to enjoy a classic romantic break with a bit of a twist. 

Best for Adventure


Cambodia has long been thought of as a fantastic location for finding adventure, and is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Asia out there. If you and your partner want to immerse yourself in a totally new culture and discover plenty about a country’s history, you’re definitely in the right place.

The temple complex of Angkor Wat is always a highlight for visitors to Cambodia, with temples, palaces, gardens and religious statues spread out across over 500 acres of land. You’ve also got plenty of wild landscapes to discover together, including tropical forests, miles of rice fields and even floating villages.

The cities of Phenom Peng and Siem Reap offer even more scope for adventure, with both offering an array of fantastic dining experiences and busy local markets. It’s the dry season in February and temperatures tend to hover in the low twenties, providing ideal conditions for spending as much time outdoors as possible.


There’s no better city than Brazil if you’re after a honeymoon experience that is jam-packed with excitement from sunup to sundown. This South American country has a vast range of experiences on offer to all of its visitors, whether you’re after a trip spent exploring the rainforests or living it up by the beach.

In Rio de Janeiro, the annual Carnival celebrations often take place at the end of February and provide an incredible opportunity to discover more about the country’s culture as you party throughout the city. It’s one of the busiest times of the year in this part of Brazil, but you’re guaranteed an experience that you’ll both never forget.

Brazil honeymooners can also enjoy plenty of time by the beach making the most of the hot, summer weather by surfing or sunbathing. Sudden bursts of heavy rain may occasionally interrupt your sightseeing plans, but there are plenty of indoor attractions to discover across the country as well as a wide range of honeymoon accommodation options.


Morocco is a top destination for an adventurous honeymoon in February with an exotic twist. You’ll need a detailed itinerary to fit in everything that the country has to offer during your stay, but extensive planning is definitely worth it for everything you’ll get to experience on your trip.

The accommodation options in Morocco are an adventure in themselves, with converted Riyadh hotels, palatial houses in the mountains and even camps in the Sahara Desert to choose from. There’s a wealth of beautiful architecture to enjoy across the country’s cities, and plenty of opportunities to visit things like gardens, palaces, markets and ancient walled cities.

Couples who want more than just sightseeing can enjoy hiking through the country’s hills or even venturing out into the desert for a real taste of adventure. February is a relatively cool month of the year in Morocco so you don’t have to worry about coping with the heat during your honeymoon and can instead focus on seeing as much of this incredible country as possible.

Best for Relaxation


The islands of Zanzibar are some of the best places in the world to escape from reality and totally switch off. It’s the ultimate destination for a relaxing honeymoon in February where the only items on your agenda will be enjoying the beach and spending time with your new spouse.

Found off the coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar is a small island archipelago that has plenty of luxury hotels and holiday resorts that are absolutely perfect for honeymooners looking to unwind. Whether you’re blowing the budget on a private island experience or just enjoying the hospitality of a small beachside hotel, the calm and tranquil atmosphere is felt wherever you go.

If you want to add a bit of sightseeing to your honeymoon itinerary then Zanzibar island is home to the fascinating Stone Town, home to markets, museums, endless food stalls and historic fort. It’s low season for tourism across the island despite February being a month that sees mostly warm and dry weather, making it the perfect time to visit for a holiday that’s all about disconnecting from the real world and connecting with each other.


Seychelles is the ultimate destination for relaxation thanks to its position right in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Over 100 tiny islands make up this part of the world which is one of the best warm honeymoon destinations in February on our list.

What makes these islands so special is the fact that many of them feel as though they have only just been discovered, offering an irresistible air of peace. You won’t find crowds of tourists or cheap holiday properties cramped together anywhere in the archipelago; only beautiful hotels, villas and resorts that are ideal for spending time with the person you love.

February falls in the rainy season across Seychelles, but showers never tend to last for long and temperatures remain high even if the sky is full of clouds. These conditions only mean that you’re more likely to have a lot of the islands almost entirely to yourself, providing the ultimate honeymoon destination for total relaxation. 

Best for Something Different

Nature Reserve in Chile


When you think of honeymoon ideas with a bit of a difference, a safari holiday is surely close to the top of your list. Tanzania is the perfect location for an African holiday focusing on wildlife and unforgettable desert scenery, and there are plenty of different options for exploring the plains that will suit all tastes and budgets.

A must-see on your Tanzania safari is the Serengeti, where wildebeests are taking part in their annual Great Migration and providing incredible opportunities for watching a range of creatures in the wild. The weather in February is very hot and dry during the day which means that plenty of wildlife can be found around the watering holes across Tanzania, providing the perfect chance to spot some of Africa’s big 5.

Safari camps in Tanzania range from basic, comfortable tents to luxurious lodges with 5-star catering options. Couples who love wildlife and want to enjoy a very special holiday experience are sure to find everything they want from a honeymoon in Tanzania, leaving the country with memories that will last a lifetime.


Chile has recently started to make a name for itself as an amazing honeymoon destination for couples who want to experience romance, adventure and relaxation during their time away together. It’s a country filled with contrasts; mountains, beaches, cities and deserts are all on the itinerary for a tour of this brilliant part of South America.

A highlight of Chile is the stunning Atacama Desert, known for being the driest in the world and home to both trekking opportunities and remote soa and wellness retreats. The southern region of Patagonia also offers plenty of chances for outdoor adventure, whether you want to go hiking, sailing or even horse riding.

Newlyweds who want to enjoy more urban parts of the country can spend time in the lively city of Santiago, home to plenty of cultural attractions, or the coastal destination of Valparaiso that is full of boutique hotels, restaurants and shops. A honeymoon in Chile in February will see you arrive right in the middle of the summer season, offering gorgeously warm temperatures that are a great alternative to the weather in the northern hemisphere.


For a trip that features a little bit of everything, consider visiting Vietnam for a honeymoon in February. This Southeast Asian country has culture, scenery, history and fantastic food, and is a great destination to either travel around or just choose one location to enjoy.

Whilst Vietnam is not a very large country, there are fascinating and unique things to see and do wherever you visit. From the glamour of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) to the beautiful Halong Bay and the peaceful atmosphere of the rural southern regions, couples can enjoy quiet natural landscapes and friendly, colourful towns and cities in equal measure.

Vietnam is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Asia in February because the month is the driest time of the year, meaning that you’ll be able to get out and explore without having to worry about the weather. The warm temperatures provide ideal conditions for a beach holiday, but there are plenty more unique experiences on offer that make this country a brilliant place to enjoy a honeymoon with a bit of a difference.


February is an incredibly popular month to get married and so many newlyweds also find themselves booking a honeymoon at this time of the year as well. Whilst it may still be winter in Europe and the USA, there are plenty of parts of the world that experience summer weather at the start of the year and are ideal honeymoon destinations for couples looking for a bit of sun.

From tranquil islands to desert plains and exotic, ancient cities, there are so many incredible places to honeymoon in February. Whether you’re looking to plan the trip of a lifetime or just want a break to spend time with the person you love, this list is a great place to start thinking about where you want to go for the first holiday of your married life.

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