The Best Honeymoon Destinations
in November

November might not be the most popular time of the year for a honeymoon, but this is all the more reason to travel at the end of autumn if you’re a couple who prefer to visit new places outside of their tourist season. Whilst many destinations across the northern hemisphere are about to enter winter, there are plenty of brilliant holiday destinations across the world that still see warm and sunny weather in November and make great locations for beach breaks or adventurous expeditions.

From unusual, up-and-coming island destinations to exotic eastern countries and classic holiday locations, here are our suggestions for the best places to honeymoon in November.

Best for Romance

Blue Lagoon Iceland


If your idea of romance is cuddling up with your partner in the middle of a beautiful, snowy wilderness, Iceland just might be your dream honeymoon destination. This northern country is a much colder option for a trip than any of the others on our list, but does offer couples the chance to spend time in one of the most beautiful parts of the world before crowds of Christmas tourists descend.

One of the most popular things to do on a romantic honeymoon in Iceland is to visit the famous Blue Lagoon; outdoor geothermal baths that are said to have numerous health benefits. There is truly nothing like experiencing the contrast between the icy cold air and naturally heated blue water, and you can also combine spa treatments with your visit for the ultimate luxurious experience.

And let’s not forget the stupendous romantic experience that is seeing the Northern Lights.

If relaxing, admiring the snowy landscape and cuddling up together out of the cold isn’t enough to fill your honeymoon itinerary, Iceland has plenty of towns and cities filled with brilliant cultural attractions, with the capital city of Reykjavik being the country’s highlight. Here you can enjoy brilliant food and drink along with museums, galleries and theatres – just remember to wrap up warm!

Incredible Places to Stay in Iceland for Honeymoon:

  • The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland: stay within the Blue Lagoon waters, with illimited access to the geothermal lagoon. The luxury hotel has amazing views, a great restaurant and a spa.
  • Hotel Rangá: perfect to see the Northern Lights, this luxury hotel features a stargazing observatory and it’s located in an idyllic remote location
  • The Reykjavik EDITION: modern and luxurious hotel, with amazing views to Reykkavik.


For a real dose of Arabian Nights’ romance, Oman makes the ideal honeymoon destination in November. With vast deserts, brilliant beaches and stunning architecture across its towns and cities, it’s an absolutely stunning country that is ideal for honeymooners seeking unique experiences that will bring them closer together.

Oman is one of the safest countries in the Arabian peninsula, so you can be sure that your experience of the Middle East will be stress-free and full of chances to enjoy the welcoming hospitality that the people of Oman are known for. Visiting in November means that you’ll arrive during the winter season, so the weather will be warm and dry without any of the summer’s stifling humidity.

Not only are their long stretches of golden coastline overlooking the Arabian Sea in Oman, but picturesque forests and mountains offer even more stunning scenery for visitors to explore together. Combine this with the country’s beautiful classic architecture in cities like Muscat (check out a private tour around the city), and you’ve got yourself the setting for a truly unforgettable honeymoon experience.

Unique Places to Stay in Oman for Honeymoon:

  • Kempinski Hotel Muscat: 4 minutes walk from the beach, with amazing views and world-class facilities.
  • Alila Jabal Akhdar: ultra-luxurious resort in Al Hajar Mountain, with private pools, several dining venues and daily activities.
  • Safari Dunes Camp: located on the top of desert dunes, 5 miles away from the base safari desert camp. Each tent has authentic carpets, luxury bed, toilet and shower.

Best for Adventure

Miami Beach Florida


Florida is commonly known as ‘the sunshine state’ because of its year-round warm weather, and November is no exception. This southern part of the USA is an incredibly popular honeymoon destination because of its fantastic beaches and reliable hot weather, but it’s also a brilliant place for an adventurous holiday in the winter where temperatures are a little cooler than in the summer months.

No matter what kind of adventure you and your new spouse are looking for on your honeymoon, Florida has something for every kind of traveller. Fans of nightlife, fast-paced living and theme parks will be most at home in the city of Orlando, where you can enjoy a range of different tourist attractions with low-season crowds.

Miami Beach and Key West are the ideal destinations for a honeymoon in November that focuses on beach activities like watersports, swimming, sunbathing and evening strolls as the sun sets: don’t miss this Key West Sunset Sail with Full Bar or, if you rather a more private experience, Private Yacht Cruise in Miami with Champagne.

In contrast, the West Coast of Florida offers a much more glamorous experience in places like Naples where you can admire the incredible architecture of million-dollar mansions and indulge in spa days, games of gold and brilliant dining experiences.

Perfect Hotels for a Florida Honeymoon:


Cambodia is a Southeast Asian country that has everything you could possibly want for an adventurous holiday, from ancient architecture to beautiful landscapes and modern towns and cities. It’s an ideal place to visit if you’re looking for a November honeymoon filled with sightseeing and chances to learn about a new country’s culture, as well as plenty of beautiful natural landscapes.

If you’re searching for one of the best honeymoon destinations in Asia in November, Cambodia should be top of the list thanks to its very dry and warm weather that is perfect for spending time outdoors. With average temperatures of around 25°C and low humidity, conditions are ideal for visiting attractions such as the Angkor Wat temple complex at Siem Reap (you can experience the temples with a full-day private tour just for yourselves for less than $50).

Cambodia’s coastline will be quiet at this time of year, so even though the weather is not at its hottest, it’s a great time to visit the beach or nearby islands like Koh Rong Sanloem or Koh Thmei. Whether you book onto a tour that takes you around the country’s highlights or just spend your time in one place, it’s the perfect destination for new experiences.

Stunning Hotels for a Cambodia Honeymoon:


Egypt is another brilliant romantic honeymoon destination in November for couples who want to enjoy sensual luxury together. This African country has a plethora of things to see, from the ancient pyramids in the desert to the vibrant city of Cairo and gorgeous beach destinations along the coast.

You can, for example, enjoy a 4-Day 3-Night Nile Cruise from Aswan to Luxor, with 5 star accommodations and private tours – with the option of ending it in Hurghada, for a great beach break. 

The extreme heat that Egypt is known for means that the country’s busiest time of the year is between October and February when temperatures and humidity drop enough to make sightseeing a pleasant experience.

November isn’t quite the peak tourist season in Egypt however, so you can visit the most popular attractions across the country without having to fight the crowds.

Egypt is one of November’s most romantic honeymoon destinations thanks to the beautiful and unique scenery and wonderful weather that is just what you need after the whirlwind of wedding planning. Whether you’re relaxing by the sea, watching the sunset over the desert or treating yourselves to a luxurious, exotic hotel, this country is a great place to enjoy a classic romantic break with a bit of a twist.

Unforgettable Hotels for a Honeymoon in Egypt:

Best for Relaxation

Beach in Belize


Many couples dream of visiting a beautiful Caribbean island for a relaxing break after their honeymoon, but it’s understandable to be worried about the risk of a hurricane if you’re travelling at the end of the year. The solution to this is to visit the island of Aruba, which sits outside of the hurricane belt.

Aruba is a fantastic November honeymoon destination not only for the fact that it’s one of the safest islands in the Caribbean, but also because there is so much more to the island than just its picturesque beaches and resorts. A fifth of the whole island is covered by a protected national park where you can climb the cliffs and hills to overlook beaches and rugged deserts (see this highly rated ATV/UTV tour); a perfect activity in the mild and sunny weather.

Of course, if relaxation is the only thing on your agenda then Aruba has more than enough in the way of beaches, hotels and holiday resorts that are perfect for couples looking to unwind. The famous Palm Beach, often voted one of the best beaches in the entire world, is the ideal place to enjoy a luxurious honeymoon in the sunshine in Aruba. With temperatures in the high twenties every day, it’s an unbeatable early-winter escape.

Idyllic Places to Stay in Aruba for a Honeymoon:


For a Caribbean experience that is a little different from what you might find on the tourist hotspots, Belize is a brilliant destination for a relaxing honeymoon in November. Not only does the average temperature hover around 28°C for the entire month, but it’s also an up and coming destination that won’t be filled with winter holidaymakers – perfect for couples looking for peace and quiet.

Located on the east coast of Central America, this country is also technically part of the Caribbean and enjoys the tropical weather and picturesque beaches that popular islands are famous for. There are also over 200 little islands and cays just off the coast of the country that offer an even more remote and picturesque experience of Belize that are particularly good for travellers who want to explore the nearby coral reef.

Eco-tourism is an important part of the travel industry in Belize, so if you want a relaxing honeymoon that is also sustainable then this is the place to come. Whether you’re enjoying an all-inclusive experience at a holiday resort or enjoying the hospitality of an eco-friendly lodge beside the beach, Belize is one of the best holiday destinations in November.

Extraordinary Hotels for a Honeymoon in Belize:

Best for Something Different

Santiago Chile


For a lively experience of a Caribbean island that is different from your classic resort holiday, Jamaica makes a fantastic alternative honeymoon destination. Hurricane season has just ended and the island’s weather is returning to clear blue skies and gloriously warm temperatures, perfect for getting out and about to experience everything that the country has to offer.

If you do just want to hit the beach at your November honeymoon destination then you’ve got plenty of coastline to choose from, complete with white sand beaches and palm trees swaying in the breeze. Further inland, more adventurous couples will be able to make the most of the warm and breezy weather and hike through the coffee plantations of the Blue Mountains for a unique look at one of Jamaica’s biggest exports.

Check out this tour that includes everything: ATV, Horseback, Zipline & Catamaran at Ocean Outpost Park in Montego Bay.

Of course, what makes Jamaica such a unique place to visit are the country and the people’s energy that inspired the famous reggae genre of music. Whether you’re staying at a beach resort, in the middle of a lively town or city or one of the island’s more unique accommodation options like a forest treehouse, the rhythm and spirit are tangible wherever you go. 

Great Hotels for a Honeymoon in Jamaica: 


Australia is a fantastic part of the world for a honeymoon that’s out of the ordinary, and visiting in November will see you arriving just before the start of the country’s summer season. It’s an ideal time of the year to visit if you’re not a big fan of extreme heat but still want to see this part of the world when the weather is warm and sunny.

There are a multitude of things to do in Australia on your honeymoon, whether you’re looking for a city break, a rural retreat or a beach holiday. A great idea for a break with a bit of a difference is to hit up the country’s famous New South Wales coast to enjoy swimming in the sea, learning to surf and soaking up the classic laid-back attitude that the country is well-known for.

Other brilliant ways to spend a honeymoon in November in Australia are hiring a car to road trip between cities, enjoying an active cycling or hiking adventure or visiting the Aboriginal areas of the country and learning more about their indigenous culture. Whilst the tropical north coast of Australia is usually best avoided because of its humidity at this time of year, the rest of the country is a playground for couples who like to get out and about and try something new on their travels.

Amazing Accommodation for a Honeymoon in Australia: 


Chile has recently started to make a name for itself as an amazing honeymoon destination for couples who are looking for something different on their special trip. It’s a country filled with contrasts; mountains, vineyards, beaches, cities and deserts are all on the itinerary for a tour of this brilliant part of South America.

November is the ideal time to visit the capital city of Santiago on your honeymoon, as the weather is dry and sunny during the day but cools down enough at night that visitors never feel overwhelmed by the heat. As well as plenty of brilliant urban attractions, honeymooners can also enjoy visiting one of the many vineyards around the city. For example, Casablanca Valley Wine Tasting, which includes 3 Vineyards

The coastal locations of Valparaíso and Vina del Mar are a great place for newlyweds who want to enjoy colourful architecture, beach views and plenty of boutique hotels, restaurants and shops. Those who like adventure can head to the Atacama Desert and enjoy the impressive night sky around the mountains. 

If you’re travelling from the northern hemisphere then this is the perfect sunny destination to enjoy both adventure and relaxation on your honeymoon.

Charming Hotels for a Honeymoon in Chile:


Many people avoid planning holidays and honeymoons in November because it is notoriously such a cold and wet part of the year, but that is simply not true. As this list has shown, there are plenty of brilliant parts of the world to visit on a honeymoon in November, no matter what you’d like to spend your time doing. 

From camel rides to the pyramids of Giza to a romantic spa experience in the frozen north, there’s something for everyone planning their honeymoon at the end of the year.

No matter where you choose to go, remember it is always a good idea to purchase travel insurance before taking a trip abroad, so that you’re covered in case you have an accident, lose your belongings or become unwell. Travel Supermarket allows you to search between different options of insurance from different brands, so you can choose the one with better price and coverage for your needs.

Happy travelling!

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