Where to go in

Wondering where to go on holiday in November? If you want sun, sea and sand, Costa Rica, Malta or Burma should be on your list. For festivals, Mexico and Thailand will keep you entertained, or for city breakers, Istanbul and Munich will sparkle the senses.


Where’s hot

For people searching for holidays in November, good weather will usually be high on the agenda. Whether you’re a sun-worshipper or just want some rays on your back as you explore the sights, you can see below some of the best locations for a warm November escape…

TOWN, Country Temperatures Min° Max° Wet DaysNew Delhi,
Belem, Brazil 23 33 12
Jaisalmer, India 13 32 0
Bangkok, Thailand 23 32 5
Managua, Nicaragua 21 31 10
Vientiane, Laos 19 30 10
Cancun, Mexico 21 29 9
Dhaka, Bangladesh 18 29 9
Saint-denis, Réunion 20 29 4
Port Louis, Mauritius 20 29 4
Praia, Cape Verde 24 29 0

Where to go

So you’ve decided you want to spend November somewhere special. But how do you decide where to go? Below you’ll find the best places to visit, from stunning safari locations to alpine villages. Whether you want to go long-haul of just nip somewhere for a long-weekend, we’ve got you covered…

  • Marrakech
  • Botswana
  • Egypt
  • India
  • Myanmar (Burma)
  • South Korea
  • Italy
  • Malta
  • The Alps
  • New York
  • Costa Rica
  • Galapagos



The city of mosques, palaces, gardens and souks filled with souvenirs and spices. This exotic destination is wonderful in November, as the blistering summer heat dissipates and temperatures remain warm but manageably mild. The world-famous Jemaa el-Fnaa is still the life and soul of the city, bustling with people, music and mouth-watering street food. And although November is considered Morocco’s wettest month, rainfall tends to come in short bursts and the country is still drier than Northern Europe. Expeditions to the Atlas Mountains are still possible at this time of year too, with many day trips and guides leaving Marrakech daily.

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Skip the crowds in the shoulder season and enjoy the beauty of Botswana and its most popular parks. Some of the camps close in December so this is a great time to visit, with reduced rates available. Game viewing is excellent all year round, so you will have the opportunity to spot The Big Five as well as other wildlife. And as November sees the start of the wet season, landscapes will be attractively lush and verdant. Look out for newborn animals and migratory birds during this time and be sure to explore the Okavango Delta, Moremi and Chobe.

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A land of pharaohs and gods, Egypt is a magical destination and November is one of the best times to travel. Hot, dry and sunny days (reaching highs of 25°C) offer holidaymakers the ideal climate for a winter sun getaway, and there is much to see at this time of year. Top experiences include Cairo and the Pyramids of Giza, Luxor, Farafra and the White Desert, Temples of Abu Simbel, the archaeological site of Saqqara, and the seaside resort of Sharm El Sheikh. With more than 10 hours of sunshine, Egypt is the perfect place for sun-seekers.

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November marks the arrival of winter in India, with the first snowfall in the north, beautiful vegetation in the south, cooler air and some of the country’s grandest festivals. Don’t miss the Varanasi Festival by the river in Uttar Pradesh, the fantastic desert safaris in Jaisalmer, or bird-watching in Bharatpur. If you have time to travel around the country, be sure to visit top destinations such as Goa, Rajasthan, Pushkar (and the Bramha Temple), Varanasi, Delhi, the golden city of Jaisalmer, Jaisalmer and Sunderbans National Park. It’s also a superb time to see the Taj Mahal and Agra.

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Myanmar (Burma)

The perfect time to explore the beguiling beauty of Burma and its mind-blowing landscapes. This is the start of the cool season when days are warm to hot and the air is relatively dry. Some of the best regions of Burma to visit at this time of year are Bagan, Ngapali, Yangon, Inle Lake and Kengtung. From the spectacular temples and ancient Buddhist sites to the expansive parklands and imposing mountains, or the pretty beaches and hot springs that resemble paradise, an adventure in Burma is truly one of a kind.

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South Korea

November is the month of autumn leaves, mild temperatures, and the fantastic Seoul Lantern Festival. South Korea is simply spectacular at this time of year, although it can be slightly chilly so wrap up warm. Max temperatures are around 11°C in Seoul and 16°C on Jeju Island. There is some rainfall but once the rain passes, the country is bathed in stunning shades of orange and red, and nature is looking its best in November. To get off the beaten path, leave the capital and check out Busan, Gyeonju, Jirisan National Park, Sokcho and Gangneung.

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The weather begins to cool down in Rome, the lake regions enjoy a quieter season without the hustle and bustle of tourists, and islands such as Sardinia and Sicily still enjoy pleasantly warm days and lovely sea temperatures. There’s more rain than usual in November but it doesn’t take away from the scenery of the countryside and coastlines, or the charm of the cities. Make the most of the food festivals around this time (like the many truffle festivals in northern and central Italy) and spend your time exploring the country’s finest museums and galleries.

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One of the most underrated winter sun destinations in Europe, Malta is a wonderful island group boasting beautiful sea views from its vast stretches of coastline. With a Mediterranean climate, Malta offers warm winters with long daylight hours, with sporadic rain showers that come and go quickly. So its ideal for a winter getaway to top up your summer tan. The three major islands all offer something different. The main island features resorts, nightlife, shopping and amazing beaches; Gozo is characterised by fishing, tourism, agriculture and abundant wildlife; and Comino is largely uninhabited, giving it a unique, rugged beauty.

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The Alps

Just before ski season, this is the best time to explore the charming towns and villages of The Alps region. November is the shoulder season before winter sports enthusiasts arrive in their thousands. The choice of destinations in this mountain range are endless. But just to name a few, there’s Zermatt or St. Moritz in Switzerland, the luxury resort towns of Chamonix, Tignes or Val-d’Isère (ski lifts open from the end of the month), the beautiful snow-capped Lucerne, the gorgeous Alpine village of Wengen, or the stylish city of Geneva.

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New York

The Big Apple is spectacular all year round, but autumn offers a romantic backdrop not to be missed. With red and orange hues in Central Park as leaves start to fall, glorious sunsets over the Hudson, and crisp and clear mornings filled with promise for the day ahead. Because there’s so much to do in NYC in this great season. Go shopping before the Christmas rush, discover the city’s excellent restaurant scene, and take a walk into New York’s iconic neighbourhoods including Brooklyn Heights, Chinatown, East Village, East Harlem, Greenwich Village, Jackson Heights, Little Italy, Tribeca, Times Square District and Soho.

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Costa Rica

Travelling to Costa Rica before the peak tourist season in December means that you can find great holiday deals, beat the crowds and enjoy unobstructed views of nature. Whilst some say that November is a bit of a gamble weather-wise (the rainy season still lingers), its actually a great month to visit. Whilst the southern peninsula may be wetter, there are some fabulous beach towns to check out elsewhere in the country. Including Tamarindo, Playa Flamingo and Playa del Coco. For the guaranteed good weather, go to San Jose and the Central Valley, where the dry season arrives early.

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The Galapagos Islands is one of the best destinations in the world for wildlife-viewing, with much to see all year round. November, with its warm/hot temperatures and balmy seas, is particularly attractive for holidaymakers. And at this time of year, visitors to the islands will be just in time for the turtle mating season as well as whale shark spotting in the northwest! There may be some occasional cold and mist, but generally, the skies are clear and the scenery is simply stunning. Other animals to look out for are penguins, sea lions and migratory birds.

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Holiday types

Different people want different things, and not every November holiday destination will be the right one for you, regardless of what the weather’s like. If you want to choose your location based on what you like doing, you can see the best spots below…

Family Holidays

Oman in the Middle East can offer something completely different and during this time, temperatures will drop to be much more manageable than the summer months.

For the promise of good weather, gorgeous beaches and great food and drink to suit all ages, the Greek Island of Crete makes a fantastic option.

For Far Eastern adventures with unadulterated luxury and top hospitality, take the family to places such as Krabi or Phuket in beautiful Thailand where they’ll welcome you with open arms.


The cooler season often means that outdoor pursuits can be embarked on in comfort. This is the best time to challenge yourself to a guided trek in Chile, tackling the soaring mountains of Torres del Paine.

Or take a little trip to the otherworldly country of Iceland, where fire meets ice and where you might be lucky enough to glimpse the Northern Lights.

Other great places for activity holidays are India and Sri Lanka, both offering a wonderful mix of temples, colourful cities and untouched natural scenery.


There are fewer places more exotic than Vietnam when it comes to honeymoons and November promises the perfect weather with mild temperatures and little rainfall. There’s a superb mix of romance and culture, as well as the best cuisine in the world.

For couples who like to get active outdoors, New Zealand is a great choice with a comfortable and temperate climate and the most jaw-dropping scenery.

For the ultimate 5-star luxury indulgence, Mauritius has to be the top of your list. The island is a sheer paradise with the perfect weather and the perfect beaches.

City Breaks

Highlights include Delhi, with pleasant temperatures and beautiful autumnal colours.

The beautiful city of Istanbul as it enters into the first days of winter, making it a great time for sightseeing and tours.

Or Munich, the festive city that sees the arrival of the world-famous Bavarian Christmas Market. The weather is cold and crisp at this time of year in Germany, so its the ideal time to wrap up warm and sip mulled wine.

Nature Breaks

What a fantastic month for safaris, particularly in Kenya when the vegetation is green, migratory birds are present and newborn animals can be easily seen.

The island of Madagascar is also worth a visit, with much of its wildlife visible and no species in hibernation. The flora is bright and vibrant too, giving you the perfect panoramas for avid photographers.

Then there’s tiger spotting in India, a good activity for all ages and a totally unforgettable experience for your bucket list.

Events and festivals

November is an amazing month to go away and experience festivals around the world. From bizarre ghoulish feasts to beautiful lantern extravaganzas, there’s something for everyone and unique experiences that you won’t be able to see anywhere else.

Day of the Dead


2 November

A unique festival celebrated throughout Mexico which coincides with All Souls & All Saints Day. The lively festival, defined by colourful outfits, masks and ghoulish face paint, is held to honour the deceased. And there are street parades, parties and events throughout the day that are suitable for all ages.

Yi Peng Festival


3 November

Celebrated annually, the Yi Peng Festival is a wonderful sight for tourists in Thailand. This extraordinary lantern festival features the traditional act of floating lanterns in the river, traditional Thai dancing shows, entertainment and evening activities, and plenty of great food on offer.

Festival of the Horned One


12 November

Known as the ‘Festival of the Horns’, this festival is one of the most unique celebrations in Europe and is for anyone who has been cheated on in a relationship. In Italian culture, the horns represent a man who has been on the receiving end of infidelity, and the association is said to date back the Roman Empire.

Pushkar Camel Fair

Rajasthan, India

12 November

The Pushkar Camel Fair is a five day festival held in a holy town of Pushkar, initially formed to attract local livestock traders to do business during the Hindu month of Kartik, which begins with the new moon in November. But over the years, this trading week has become something of a tradition and now includes a wonderful carnival.

St Nicholas Parade

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

15 November

A street procession in the city of Amsterdam to mark the arrival of Saint Nicholas who brings gifts to children. The event as a whole celebrates the act of giving. Starting at the Maritime Museum in the morning, this parade brings together locals and tourists for a full day of food, drink, music and fancy dress.



22 November

For food lovers, there are fewer festivals more exciting than Thanksgiving. Acknowledged and celebrated throughout the US, this special day brings together the best of autumn produce. And you will find fun foodie events all over the country, including Thanksgiving Day Parades and street food festivals.

Places to avoid

So we’ve given you the good news, what about the stinkers? Here are the places you shouldn’t visit in November. Bad weather, overcrowding or just not much going on; there are lots of reasons to avoid certain destinations in November.

Here are the ones we’d suggest waiting until another time of year to visit…

  • Indonesia is filled with stunning destinations that make for a perfect holiday, but visiting in November will see you arrive slap bang in the middle of the country’s wet season. You can expect rain and flooding almost every day in November, so it’s best avoided at this time of year
  • The tiny country of Andorra is situated between France and Spain, and famous for its ski resorts because of its location in the Pyrenees mountains. Whilst its reputation is deserved, it also attracts huge skiing crowds each year, and is best avoided in November when the slopes are likely to be particularly busy

Here’s what we would do

Myanmar or India

We think November is a great time to travel far and go slightly off the beaten path, so for us it would be a toss-up between a beautiful Burmese adventure or a tour of enchanting India.

If you can manage 10 days/2 weeks in Burma you can soak up incredible Buddhist history, paradise beaches and unique experiences that you’ll struggle to replicate anywhere in the world. And despite being on many of the hotspot lists in recent years, it remains relatively untouched with less of the annoyances that mass-tourism brings.

India is perfect for combining fantastic festivals, wildlife encounters and hectic cities. Not to mention world-renowned icons like the Taj Mahal.


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