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March holidays are the perfect time for classic and unusual city breaks from Seville to Buenos Aires, to appreciate the spring weather in Asia, or to put it all on red in Sin City. They’re not the only options though, so read on for all the best choices around the globe…


Where’s hot

For guaranteed hot weather, Asia is the place to head to, though Central America and the Caribbean will serve you well too. In Europe it’s starting to hot up in the southern countries, with Malta, southern Spain and Madeira offering very attractive alternatives…

TOWN, Country Temperatures Min° Max° Wet Days
Myanmar (Burma) 20 34 1
Vientiane, Laos 20 34 4
Abidjan, Ivory Coast 25 33 6
Jaipur, India 19 32 1
Colombo, Sri Lanka 24 32 8
Male, Maldives 26 31 1
Fort-de-France, Martinique 22 30 15
Punta Cana, The Dominican Republic 24 29 5
Lima, Peru 20 29 0

Where to go

March is a beautiful time to go on holiday and your options vary across the globe as Europe heats up and most of Asia remains outside of rainy season. Read on for our recommendations on the best places to visit, with a beautiful mix of culture, sunshine and indulgence…

  • Tunisia
  • Marrakech
  • Vamizi Island
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Hangzhou
  • Madeira
  • Malta
  • Seville
  • Panama
  • Las Vegas
  • Buenos Aires



Sousse in Tunisia boasts wonderfully mild and pleasant weather during the month of March. This marks the start of spring and is a great time to explore the coastline, including Port El Kantaoui where you will find a lovely marina, a waterpark for family fun in the sun, and fantastic golfing. In the capital (Tunis), the Bardo Museum and the bustling medina quarter with its busy souk is not to be missed. Travel in late March / early April to witness the blooming poppy fields of the north and the start of apricot season.

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Marrakech, Morocco

In March, the magical city of Marrakech is ideal for tourists and visitors, with warm temperatures reaching up to 23°C or above and manageable lows of 10°C. Bring your summer wardrobe but don’t forget to pack some layers for when the heat drops at night time. This is the perfect time of year to visit the exciting markets and taste all the wonderful street food delights of Jemaa el Fna. You can also check into one of the many city spa hotels or take on a hiking adventure in the Atlas Mountains.

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Vamizi Island, Mozambique

The climate of the Quirimbas is tropical and hot all year round. Although March is in the middle of its rainy season, it can still be a great time to travel there. Temperature highs can be around 31°C and it can get humid with a chance of tropical rainstorms, but rainfall is always brief giving you plenty of hot sunshine hours. Plus big monsoons only tend to affect the southern regions of Mozambique, not the Quirimbas Archipelago which is off the northern coast.

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To avoid the rain and muggy weather, we recommend visiting Vietnam in the spring time. The weather will be cooler and more comfortable for those who hate extreme climates, and you won’t have to battle with humidity if you want stress-free backpacking. The temperature ranges from 17-22°C and this is the best season to go hiking in the forests such as Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park, or for relaxing at the gorgeous beach resorts of Phú Quốc. The wonderful weather also makes it ideal for family or group travel, with some fantastic sights at Ha Long Bay and Ho Chi Minh City.

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March is one of the best months to visit Cambodia due to it being the peak of dry season (although there is still chance for monsoons in the northeast). Book your stay in the capital, Phnom Penh, where temperatures can reach 34°C on a hot day, with lows of around 25°C. Or make your way for the beautiful city of Siem Reap where you can expect cool, dry weather throughout the month of March with easy access to the country’s most famous temples. Angkor Wat is less than 20 minutes away from the city centre and there are many tour guides that will take you there.

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Hangzhou, China

Some people may tell you that autumn is the best to come because it’s drier, but there are so many reasons to visit Hangzhou in spring. Although there can be some rain (so pack an anorak), the weather is mostly pleasant and comfortable for walking around in when you’re outdoors. And you will also get a chance to witness the start of the season as trees start to bloom, such as the beautiful peach flowers and weeping willow trees. March also marks the early tea-picking season in Hangzhou, and you can even pick your own tea leaves from the harvest.

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Madeira, Portugal

Known for spectacular coastal views and wine production, this autonomous archipelago is one of Portugal’s top destinations and is wonderful for holidays all year round. Made up for four islands and situated off the northwest coast of Africa, Madeira boasts a superb climate for those who dream of sun, sea and sand. To skip the crowds and to avoid expensive prices, go out of season in March. The temperature will be nice and balmy at 18°C (rarely falling below 14°C) and sea temperatures are still warm enough for swimming. This is also an excellent time for hiking the Vereda do Arieiro.

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If you’re looking for some early sun and sea before the busy summer holiday season, head to Malta and explore the islands of Malta (main island), Gozo, and Comino. Expect the temperatures to reach 17°C or higher, with lows of around 10°C. This month also sees less rainfall than the previous months of January and February, so you can enjoy dry weather with the days getting hotter as you go later into the month. As well as the breathtakingly beautiful beaches, this is also a good time of year to hire and car to visit the many historic sites left behind from the Mauro-Roman Kingdom.

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Seville, Spain

Visit the Andalusia region’s charming capital of Seville in the quieter season of March to May, when the tourist rush hasn’t quite kicked in yet and the weather is lovely and mild. This is the perfect time for family travel, especially if you have young kids who are unable to handle the heat. Daily temperature is around 21°C and although there’s still a slight chance of rain, it is much drier than the winter season just gone. Walk around the Triana neighbourhood and spend some time visiting the stunning Alcázar castle complex.

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What a fabulous time to visit the Panama Canal if you want to escape a rainy springtime back home. March promises the hottest weather and the bluest skies, with daily averages of around 28°C. Whilst cooling off at night to make your evenings out extremely comfortable and relaxing. This month sits at the end of the dry season, meaning that you can still enjoy the best climate without the busy tourist footfall. In the capital, Panama City, you will find great shopping, restaurants and nightlife as well as some great sights and architecture within the Casco Viejo district.

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Las Vegas, USA

This is truly the city that never sleeps, with something fun to do at any time of day or night. With daily temps of around 23°C, the climate is much more manageable than in the summer months so March is the perfect time to visit if you plan on spending time outdoors. Other than the incredible casinos and their many attractions, events and entertainment venues (don’t miss the famous Bellagio, the Venetian, MGM Grand, the Wynn, ARIA and Mandalay Bay), this is also a good time to visit the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina’s seasons work in reverse to destinations in the northern hemisphere, meaning that the months March to May are autumn. This is the best season to visit Argentina, including its capital, Buenos Aires. The big cosmopolitan city makes the perfect base for exploring the coastline and other places nearby. Some of the things you won’t want to miss during your stay include the fantastic street art of La Boca, the beautiful Casa Rosada, the iconic Plaza de Mayo in the heart of the city, the famous and towering Obelisco de Buenos Aires, and the Recoleta Cemetery. Expect temperatures of between 19-26°C, with some chance of small rain showers.

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Holiday types

There are fantastic holiday options for everyone through March, with Europe becoming a better option for family breaks, the weather allowing for more city escapes and plenty of honeymoon destinations designed for the perfect pampering. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find the best options below…

Family Holidays

For the ultimate family holiday with the kids, head to the southernmost state of Florida where the weather will be very warm at this time of year and theme parks will be less crowded than they are in summer.
Copenhagen is the perfect family-friendly city break destination, with attractions such as the Experimentarirum museum or Bakken (the world’s oldest amusement park).
For sun, sea and sand, Mallorca is the best island to go to with the little ones in tow. The resorts have plenty of child friendly amenities and the days will be a balmy and comfortable 17°C. There are also endless kids’ attractions so there won’t be a dull moment.


The Douro Valley is Portugal’s most famous wine region, and it is also the ideal destination for those who enjoying hiking, river cruises, sailing, or water sports such as white water rafting and river-tubing.
For winter sports fans, why not book a luxurious skiing adventure in Are, Sweden? One of the leading Scandinavian ski resorts for fantastic backcountry skiing!
The milder, cooler season of spring is the perfect time to hit the waters in Morocco. Taghazout and Imsouane are both known for their surfing beaches, and the lively resort town of Agadir is not to be missed either.


One of the most luxurious destinations in the world for a honeymoon is Seychelles. An archipelago of 115 islands in East Africa boasting the paradise beaches, beautiful coral reefs, and nature reserves. The seas are calm in March, making it ideal for snorkelling.
Experience the beauty of Barbados in the dry season, with hot temperatures of around 29°C or over. You will find high-end resorts from Speightstown to Bridgetown. And if you want to escape the crowds, venture to the North East coastline for secluded beaches.
Surprisingly romantic, Iceland is the perfect place for couples. Expect an average of 3-4°C in Reykjavik, so wrap up warm. For a honeymoon in March, the days are getting longer but there’s still a chance to see the spectacular Northern Lights (also known as the Aurora Borealis).

City Breaks

Rome is one of the top cities to visit in Europe, home to some of history’s most important monuments. Considered ‘the cradle of Western civilisation’, this is the perfect weekend break for history lovers. Enjoy delightful weather, ranging from 18-25°C in the daytime during the month of March. A great time to visit just after peak season. The city will be much quieter, giving you undisturbed access to all the sights and attractions.
Explore the city of Nice on an extended break and travel out of season for a little peace and quiet on your favourite beaches. With balmy weather and plenty of sunshine.

Nature Breaks

For the ultimate nature break in The Americas that will appeal to all ages, take the family on a whale watching adventure in Mexico. One of the most unforgettable activities, with great viewing in March.
Book a bespoke polar bear tour in Canada, where you will get a chance to observe the bears at close distance and learn more about Arctic wildlife.
Big cat safaris include snow leopards in the Trans-Himalayas of Ladakh, tracking the Royal Bengal Tiger in the national parks of Ranthambore, and watching lions roam wild in the forests of Gir in Gujarat.

Events and festivals

March is jam-packed with fantastic festivals around the world. There’s nothing quite like St Patricks Day in Dublin, whilst Holi provides a very different and (only slightly) more colourful experience. And if you can put town the tapas for a few minutes, Semana Santa in Seville is an experience like no other…

St Patrick’s Day

Dublin, Ireland

17 March

A huge celebration which transforms the city into a party destination for those who enjoy a pint or two. Everyone wears green and partakes in fancy dress in honour of the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick.

Cherry Blossom Festival

Washington DC, USA

17 March

Get a little taste of Japanese culture in Washington at the Cherry Blossom Festival. This event commemorates Tokyo’s gift of Japanese cherry trees to the city, dating back to March 27th, 1912. Over a million visitors will come to witness the blooming of the pretty pink flowers, and there are events held across multiple venues.


Delhi, India

20 March

This is one of the most colourful and beautiful festivals to attend. Taking place every year in March, celebrating the Hindu belief of good over evil and to mark the start of spring. Coloured powder is thrown into the air, so be prepared to get splattered by a rainbow.

Pasifika Festival

Auckland, New Zealand

23 March

Experience the sights, sounds and flavours of the South Pacific in Auckland. With mouth-watering street food, traditional music and dance, and great arts and crafts markets for shopping. This is a free, family-friendly celebration that welcomes all ages.

Semana Santa

Seville, Spain

20 March

Holy Week in Seville is one of the biggest events in the city, a 7 day long soiree in the run-up to Easter with traditional dancing, amazing street food, and plenty of ice-cold sherry to wash it all down with. Look out for the processions which will take over Seville’s streets.

Budapest Spring Festival

Budapest, Hungary


One of the biggest festivals of the year, and recognised as a distinguished artistic event in Central Europe since 1981. Enjoy a range of music, including classical music performances, world class jazz, a great mix of dance and theatre, as well as gallery events across the city.

Places to avoid

It’s not all about the beauties, you need to avoid bad decisions as well, and there are certainly some places which will lead to disappointment in March.

Here are the places to save until later in the year…

  • Kenya – it’s the rainy season and you’ll struggle to enjoy all of the fantastic wildlife in this beautiful country.
  • Canada – unless you’re going into Northern Canada where the winter is still in full flow, March is the middle ground where you’ve lost the beauty of winter but the weather isn’t good enough yet to enjoy the springtime. Go earlier or later, but not in March.

Here’s what we would do

Spain & Morocco

The weather is in the perfect place for Andalucia, with it not reaching the stifling temperatures of the summer but pretty reliable warmth and sunshine which is great for walking or cycling trips. Cities like Sevilla, Malaga and Granada are beautiful and perfect for food lovers, whilst it’s also Semana Santa so there will be lots of festivities to enjoy.

But Morocco offers huge variety too, with exotic cities like Marrakech, wonderful watersports on the coast in Essaouira and the villages along to Agadir. Then there’s the desert and the Atlas Mountains to explore.

We can’t separate them, so we’ll have to leave that to you…


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