The Best Honeymoon Destinations
in April

April is an incredibly popular month for weddings, as days start to get longer and warmer and everyone’s spirits start to life as the last reminders of winter fade away. This also means that it’s one of the most popular times of the year for a honeymoon, with plenty of destinations across the world offering unbeatable experiences for newlyweds.

Many popular holiday destinations see fantastic weather in April, so you’ve got plenty of choices if you’re looking for a hot and sunny place to visit with the one you love. If you’re wondering where is best for an April honeymoon, we’ve rounded up the top picks for couples looking for romance, adventure, relaxation for something a little bit different.

Best for Romance

Eiffel Tower Paris


It’s not only the popular song that makes April in Paris one of the best honeymoon destinations. This is one of the best months of the year to visit the capital city of France and enjoy all of the romantic attractions on offer, from fine dining to elegant cultural experiences.

The weather in Paris in April will be dry and mild most of the time, offering ideal conditions to explore the beautiful city streets and enjoy a croissant together in a classic French pavement cafe. It also won’t be as crowded as during the summer months, meaning that you and your partner can enjoy art exhibitions and famous museums without having to fight your way through crowds of other tourists.

Classic romantic honeymoon activities in Paris include climbing the Eiffel Tower, cruising down the River Seine, enjoying the delicious offerings of the city’s restaurants or just sightseeing in the lovely spring weather. It’s one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe in April for a good reason, and if you’re looking for the ultimate romantic break then there’s really nowhere better than Paris. 


If you’re after a hot destination in April for a honeymoon that is filled with sunshine, the Seychelles islands are perfect for you and your new spouse. Over 100 paradise islands make up this beautiful destination in the Indian Ocean, providing the perfect landscape for a romantic retreat beside the sea.

For many couples, there’s nothing more romantic than a chance to spend quality time alone together in beautiful natural surroundings. There are many hotels and holiday resorts geared up for couples to enjoy just this, with packages ranging from budget to luxurious.

The average temperature across the Seychelles islands in April is around 30°C; ideal if all you plan on doing is sunbathing on the beach and getting up for the occasional dip in the clear blue ocean. With stunning views as far as you can see and plenty of chances for romantic walks, meals and moments alone, it’s truly a honeymoon destination that has it all.


Santorini is known as being one of the most beautiful places in Europe, which makes it a perfect destination for couples seeking romance on their honeymoon. This picturesque Greek island features numerous towns built on top of cliffs and is best known for the streets of stunning whitewashed houses, as well as its glamorous beach resorts and luxury hotels.

If you’re after a honeymoon destination in April that is full of photo opportunities to show your friends, Santorini will be absolutely perfect for you. Everywhere you go there are stunning beaches, quaint little houses and beautiful views across the cliffs and out into the ocean.

This April honeymoon destination is perfect for couples who don’t want a busy itinerary and instead just want to enjoy the atmosphere of their location and enjoy lots of quality time together. Whether you want to stay in a resort right on the beach, a little self-catering property in the middle of a town or a beautiful cliffside hotel, there are plenty of options for all kinds of honeymooners in Santorini.

Best for Adventure

Spring in Melbourne Australia

Costa Rica

For a brilliant range of outdoor adventures on your honeymoon, Costa Rica is the place to go. This Central American country has miles of coastline, rainforests and mountains offering a huge variety of things to do during your stay.

The weather in Costa Rica in April is warm and dry, providing the perfect conditions for trekking, surfing, cycling or even zip-lining! Whether you’re exploring the jungle, enjoying the sustainable tourism options on the coast, or trying a new activity like kayaking or high-altitude hiking, you’ll get to enjoy the country’s gorgeous scenery and laid-back attitude.

No matter how long you have planned for your honeymoon, Costa Rica is one of the best destinations in April for travellers who are looking for new experiences and cultures alongside brilliant hospitality. There’s no better way to start your married life together than with an unforgettable adventure, and this country is the perfect place to discover just that.


Australia is a fantastic part of the world for an adventurous honeymoon, and April is a great month to visit this vast country and enjoy its scenery and local lifestyle. April falls in the Autumn season across the country, but there are still mild temperatures and plenty of dry days in the southern half of Australia where you can still get out and about exploring the landscape.

It won’t be overly hot in Australia in April, meaning that activities such as cycling, hiking and even horse riding are perfect ways to pass the time. From the outback desert to the rugged mountains or long stretches of beach and ocean, there is more than enough to keep adventurous couples occupied on any length of honeymoon.

As well as classic Australian activities like surfing, road-trips and expeditions out into the wilderness, April is also a great time to spend a couple of days in busy cities like Melbourne, Adelaide or Sydney. Here, you can enjoy some of Australia’s urban culture and enjoy a wide range of hospitality options from 5-star hotels to quirky hotels and classic holiday apartments.

Best for Relaxation

Sunset in Tuscany


If you want to leave the fast pace of the modern world behind you on your honeymoon in April then Tuscany is a brilliant place to visit. This idyllic Italian region is best known for being the home of the Renaissance city of Florence, but also for its beautiful countryside and ancient atmosphere that is perfect for relaxation.

Italy is a great country to visit in April as you can enjoy increasingly warm weather and only a small chance of rain, along with fewer tourists than in the summer months. With its quaint towns, villages and farms, acres of golden fields and plentiful vineyards and wineries, Tuscany has long been considered one of the best destinations for couples who like to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Wine-tasting is one of the most popular activities for visitors to Tuscany, as the region is famous worldwide for the quality of its grapes and the range of drinks they produce. There are plenty of beautiful hotels and holiday homes scattered throughout the countryside that make brilliant bases to explore the area from, or you can just enjoy sitting outdoors and sampling the range of food and drink that this region is so famous for.


One of the best beach destinations in April for honeymooners is the Fiji archipelago in the South Pacific, providing over 300 different remote islands for the ultimate relaxing break. If you’re after gorgeous sandy beaches, jaw-dropping views and wonderfully warm weather, you’ll certainly find it here.

In April, the weather across the Fiji islands starts to grow less humid but remains hot and sunny, making it the ideal time to visit. You can take your pick of the different islands depending on your budget and the kind of holiday experience you’re after, from remote, private villa experiences to lively coastal towns and resorts.

There’s no better way to connect and unwind with the person you love than spending time together on a beautiful island far away from all other civilisations. Exotic island breaks are a popular choice for a honeymoon focused on relaxation, and Fiji is a brilliant choice for an April trip.

Best for Something Different

Bali Indonesia


For gorgeous springtime weather and a host of exotic attractions, Morocco should be right at the top of your list for one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world in April. This vibrant African country has it all, whether you’re after luxury and romance, brand new adventures or just a totally unique holiday experience.

There’s a wealth of beautiful architecture to enjoy across Morocco’s cities, and plenty of opportunities to visit things like gardens, palaces, markets and ancient walled cities. Couples who want more than just sightseeing can enjoy hiking through the country’s hills or even venturing out into the desert for an unforgettable camping experience that’s a far cry from pitching a tent in an English field.

The accommodation options in Morocco are an adventure in brilliant, ranging from converted Riyadh hotels to palatial houses in the mountains. It’s a country that has been popular with a wide range of travellers for many years and is a brilliant alternative destination for a honeymoon in the spring.


Bali is often thought of as a classic backpacking destination, but it’s also a great place for a honeymoon. Visiting in April means that you’ll avoid the hurricane season and also get to make the most of low-season prices for travel and accommodation, which is ideal for couples who might be travelling on a budget.

Whilst Bali has many of the classic island attractions that make it a great romantic and relaxing destination, it’s the spiritualism of the location and its culture that offers visitors something a bit different during their stay. From wellness resorts to yoga centres, why not spend your honeymoon getting more in tune with what you and your spouse want from this new stage of your life together, and leave the island with a whole new outlook?

There are also plenty of chances to enjoy yourself in bars, restaurants and entertainment venues in Bali, which is very geared up for tourism and full of things to do. Or you can simply spend your time exploring the stunning natural landscapes and enjoying the peace and quiet of the area’s beaches, forests and mountains.


Turkey has one of the most diverse cultural heritages in the world and is a brilliant place for an alternative honeymoon. If you and your partner aren’t interested in a classic trip focused on romance or relaxation, why not visit this transcontinental country and explore all that it has to offer?

From the food to the architecture and history, there is so much about Turkey that makes it an outstanding place to visit on a honeymoon in April. Whether you decide to spend your time visiting historic sites, learning more about the range of cultures that have influenced the country as it is today, or just enjoying your honeymoon accommodation and the surrounding scenery, you’re sure to have a brilliant time.

Cappadocia is one of the most popular places in Turkey for newlyweds, with hot air balloon rides over the rocks and valleys being a top activity for couples who want to combine romance with adrenaline! There are also a range of coastal resorts by the sea in Turkey which is great if you’d like to enjoy a beach holiday with a difference.


April is a wonderful time of year to enjoy a honeymoon, as you have your pick of brilliant weather across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia. No matter your budget, interests, honeymoon length or holiday dreams, we hope that this list of the best honeymoon destinations in April has given you inspiration for your trip. Happy travelling!

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