The Best Honeymoon Destinations
in June

June is one of the most popular times of the year to get married, making it one of the busiest times of the year to plan a honeymoon as well. With hot weather across many classic destinations and the summer holidays starting to begin, it’s a good idea to book your trip as early as possible to ensure that you get the most out of your budget and don’t have to scramble to find places to stay.

Whilst tropical island destinations are favoured by honeymooners all year round, European and American countries are also great places to visit on holiday in June. From classic beach escapes to thrilling Mexican city breaks and glamorous coastal resort towns, here’s our top pick of the best honeymoon destinations in June.

Best for Romance

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most glamorous destinations in Italy; perfect for a romantic European honeymoon. This coastal part of the county is made up of picturesque little towns built into the cliffs overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and is ideal for couples who want their holiday to include a touch of glamour, luxury and relaxation.

Italy is a brilliant part of the world to visit for a honeymoon in June if you want to visit somewhere hot and sunny. There aren’t many big sandy beaches along the Amalfi Coast, but there are plenty of opportunities for dining on sun-soaked terraces, strolling along stunning clifftops with your new spouse, and cruising along the coast.

There are plenty of towns to choose from when it comes to where you want to stay on the Amalfi Coast, from the celebrity-favoured Positano to beautiful Sorrento and colourful Ravello. This is a honeymoon destination that is full of gorgeous villas and boutique hotels, along with plenty of exceptional dining experiences and beautiful scenery. What could be more romantic than that?


Tahiti is one of the best tropical honeymoon destinations in June for couples who are looking for the ultimate romantic getaway. How does having your own private overwater bungalow sound, where you can watch the sunset from the comfort of your bed or dive straight into warm, crystal clear waters from your front door?

This beautiful island in French Polynesia is one of the most popular places for a honeymoon in the world, known for its beautiful scenery and blissful weather. June falls in the dry season in Tahiti which means you are pretty much guaranteed perfect weather for your early summer honeymoon.

Despite being an incredibly popular location with honeymooners, Tahiti rarely feels busy and is a brilliant place to escape to with your partner for some romantic time just the two of you. Whether you splash out on an all-inclusive holiday or just enjoy each other’s company in a little beachside villa, it’s the perfect place for a romantic break.

Best for Adventure

Safari in Kenya


Mexico is a great choice for couples looking for beach honeymoon destinations, but also provides plenty of adventure to those who like to get out and explore on their holidays. As well as plenty of beautiful coastlines, Mexico is also home to ancient ruins, colourful cities and wild forests and mountains that are perfect for seeking out new experiences.

If you like urban environments and lots of noise and excitement, Mexico City is the place to stay, whilst the city of Mérida offers a slightly more laid-back atmosphere and is full of colonial-style buildings and Mayan architecture. Mexico is a brilliant destination for couples who enjoy history and sightseeing when they go away, and there are plenty of brilliant spots in Mérida and the surrounding region just waiting to be explored.

If you’re after a more rural experience from a honeymoon destination in June, places like the Riviera Maya or Sayulita tend to be much less busy and have plenty of chances for adventure. With miles of beaches and forests to explore, popular activities include whale-watching, surfing and enjoying the laid-back, bohemian vibe of these two areas.


If you’re after jaw-dropping scenery and brand new experiences, one of the best places for a honeymoon is Kenya. This African country is well-known for being one of the best places on the continent to explore national parks on a safari, with options ranging from single-day experiences to week-long stays in the desert.

June falls just after the rainy season in Kenya, so the scenery across the country will be lush, bright and bursting with life. It’s the off-season for tourists in the country but this shouldn’t put you off planning a visit; you’ll be able to grab bargain prices for all kinds of accommodation and are likely to have some of the national parks almost all to yourself. 

Once you’ve had your fill of Kenya’s brilliant wildlife, adventurous couples can also spend some time beside Lake Victoria right on the border of the country, or visit the coast and relax to views of the Indian Ocean. For a classic African honeymoon with more than enough to see and do, Kenya is a brilliant choice. 


Croatia is a county that only continues to grow in popularity as a holiday destination at the moment, and is also one of the best places to go for a honeymoon that you’ll never forget. Whether you want to enjoy your time together on the mainland or set out and explore the Dalmatian Coast, there are new experiences and stunning scenery to be discovered everywhere you turn.

For the ultimate adventure honeymoon, you and your partner should definitely consider a Croatian island-hopping holiday. You can charter a sailboat if you’d like a more private experience, or plan a route by public transport and look forward to visiting a new island every couple of days.

If the idea of sailing around the Croatian islands isn’t really your thing, you can still enjoy a brilliant honeymoon on one of the larger islands like Rab, Vis or the secluded Dugi Otok. Here, enjoy sandy beaches, rugged hills and rocks for hiking, and plenty of opportunities for activities like snorkelling and paddleboarding. The weather in Croatia in June will be hot and dry throughout the month, so you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors every single day no matter which part of the country you visit.

Best for Relaxation

Coast of Madagascar


If relaxation means absolute peace and solitude to you and your partner, there’s no better place to spend your honeymoon than Anguilla. This tiny Caribbean island is known for being the perfect destination to totally disconnect from the rest of the world and simply enjoy life’s simple pleasures – what more could you want from a relaxing break?

Many travellers avoid the Caribbean islands in June because it is the wet season, but Anguilla is actually one of the driest parts of this area and does not tend to see that much rain during the month. Even if it does rain, you’ll get the chance to enjoy whichever of the brilliant accommodation options you and your new spouse have chosen for your trip.

As well as large stretches of beaches and gorgeous views of the ocean, Anguilla is also an emerging foodie destination that attracts top chefs from a range of culinary backgrounds to come and cook on the island. It’s one of the best beach honeymoon destinations for this time of year if you don’t want to be bothered by hundreds of other tourists and instead want to enjoy quality time with the person you love after your wedding.


Another great tropical honeymoon destination in June is the island of Madagascar, which again is in its low season for tourism and therefore ideal for couples looking for more of a relaxing break. The weather might still be a bit wet at the beginning of the month, but this means you’ll avoid the late summer’s high humidity and can spend more time enjoying the island’s wildlife without getting too hot. 

Madagascar is known for its spectacular scenery, and there are plenty of hotels and holiday resorts that offer guests the chance to unwind in the wonderful jungle surroundings. It might still feel quite cool and fresh, but many people still enjoy spending their time on the island’s beaches and enjoying a quick swim during the peak of the day.

If you’d like to add a little more to your honeymoon itinerary than just chilling beside the sea, Madagascar is home to plenty of national parks that are ideal for exploring on foot at this time of year. There are also many cultural attractions across the island if you’re looking for something to do as well, with the whole country celebrating national independence on the 26th of June with parties and parades.

Best for Something Different


Tanzania is a country in Africa that is known for its unique art scene, colourful culture and spectacular array of wildlife. Many people who visit this holiday destination head straight to The Serengeti National Park to see some of Africa’s most famous wildlife, and if you’re after a thrilling honeymoon experience we certainly recommend this.

June sees the start of the Great Migration across the Serengeti; a unique natural phenomenon where millions of animals move across the Serengeti and Masai Mara ecosystems as they search for new places to feed. Watching these animals travel is more than your average safari experience, which is why Tanzania is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world in June.

If you don’t fancy a tour of the country’s national parks however, there’s also the famous Mount Kilimanjaro to tackle or Lake Victoria on the edge of Tanzania to visit. The island of Zanzibar is just off the coast of the country if you’re after a beach break, and is known for its fantastic beaches and surf.


Mainland Greece and its islands are some of the best honeymoon locations in Europe if you’re after a less conventional holiday. You can combine elements of classic romantic breaks with visits to historic sites or deserted islands, along with enjoying the hospitality of more modern settlements and the luxury of exclusive holiday resorts.

A great idea for a honeymoon with a difference is to charter your own boat and hop between the Greek island to enjoy a little taste of everything the country has to offer, dropping anchor in beautiful bays and enjoying the great expanses of the ocean as you travel. Or you can enjoy a range of cultural attractions by staying in the city of Athens and wondering between ancient ruins, quirky restaurants and museums or galleries.

The beginning of June is the best time to visit Greece on a honeymoon as the temperature won’t be absolutely scorching yet and the peak season for tourism isn’t in full swing. Whether you decide on a road trip, island-hopping adventure, agrotourism experience or even choose to camp beside the sea, Greece is a brilliant place to come with your partner for a honeymoon you’ll never forget. 


Whilst you won’t get the same tropical temperatures in the UK as you’ll find across other parts of the world, in June the weather is starting to heat up even in the north of the country and chances of rain are relatively low. For a really unusual honeymoon idea, why not visit the region of Scotland and enjoy exploring the wild highlands, scattering of remote islands or exciting cities in this part of the country.

Edinburgh is a really popular destination for couples who are looking for something a bit different for their special trip. This city is known for its brilliant culture, and you and your new spouse can spend your trip touring museums, galleries and quirky little shops before indulging in delicious local food.

There are also miles of wilderness in Scotland to explore the further up the region you travel, with opportunities to stay in totally remote parts of the country where there is nothing but you and the rugged landscape. Scotland is also edged by islands like Skye, Iona and the Isle of Mull, all of which are great destinations for walking holidays and honeymoons focused on going off the grid.


June is a brilliant month for a honeymoon wherever you decide to visit in the world, and the list of possible destinations is endless. You might be a couple who wants to focus on romance at this stage of your relationship, or you might be more interested in new experiences and exotic locations that leave you with a host of unforgettable memories. Whatever you’re looking for in a honeymoon, we hope this list has inspired you to start planning the trip of a lifetime.

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