Where to go in

As we enter peak season, everyone is looking to go on holiday in June. It’s important to pick carefully to find a fantastic destination whilst trying to avoid the crowds. We’re here to help you do just that…


Where’s hot

June is a great time for beach breaks and sun-worshipping. Turkey is hot, as are most of Europe’s beach destinations. Mauritius is probably top of the pops for the exotic, luxury option…

Town, Country Temperatures Min° Max° Wet Days
Fort-de-France, Martinique 24 32 18
Bali, Indonesia 25 32 9
Nassau, Bahamas 23 30 9
Victoria, Seychelles 26 30 9
Marrakech, Morocco 15 30 2
Tozeur, Tunisia 16 30 3
Amman, Jordan 15 29 0
Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe 20 28 23
Praia, Cape Verde 22 28 0
Beijing, China 14 28 6

Where to go

The main challenge with holidays in June is escaping the crowds as every man and his dog will be going away. Fear not, we’ve uncovered some gems below, just keep them to yourself…

  • Mozambique
  • Tanzania
  • Mauritius
  • Malaysia
  • Bali
  • South Korea
  • Stockholm
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Finland
  • Kaua’i, Hawaii
  • Montevideo, Uraguay
  • Galapagos



If you’re looking for an exotic holiday destination for the start of summer, Mozambique is a great place to travel to with a group or in a couple. This East African nation is home to a long stretch of coastline, including famous beaches like Tofo and offshore marine parks that are brimming with wildlife. The coast of Mozambique is one of the few places you can get up close and personal with various turtle species, such as the Leatherback, Loggerhead, Green and Hawksbill turtles. This is also a great place to come for snorkelling and diving, with hot weather in June (around 28°C in the day).

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Due to its sheer size, the climate can vary greatly across Tanzania. For all parks, June is an excellent month both on the weather front and for game viewing opportunities. You may be lucky enough to witness the wildebeest migration at Serengeti, and animals are generally easy to spot as they will congregate around rivers and watering holes because of the dry season. With little rain, there will also be fewer mosquitoes which is great news for those who are prone to bites. And to beat the crowds, tour the southern and western circuit parks which stay quiet through the year.

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An island nation in the Indian Ocean known for its paradisiacal beaches, lagoons and reefs. This is a top location for diving and great for romantic escapes, honeymoons, anniversaries, special family celebrations or marriage proposals. From May to December, the climate is cool, dry and sunny, making it ideal for beach relaxation and hiking. Some of the best hikes are the Maccabee Trail (2-3 hours and suitable for all levels), the Lion Mountain Trail (3-4 hours and medium difficulty with some exposed scrambling), and Le Morne Brabant (also 3-4 hours).

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For foodies, Malaysia is a dream. If you love to shop or sightsee, you simply cannot miss the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur. The Pavillion Kuala Lumpur Shopping Mall, the Mid Valley Megamall and Suria KLCC Mall are amongst the best places to find great deals on clothing, accessories, electronics, gifts and more. And of course, the iconic Petronas Towers dominates this city skyline and should be at the top of your bucket list. For beaches, head to Redang Island, Tioman Island or Sipadan. Expect daily averages of 28°C, dipping to a more relaxing 24°C in the evenings.

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Bali, Indonesia

Journey to Bali, Indonesia’s most iconic summer destination with something for every kind of traveller. From the glorious views of the rice paddies in Tegalalang and the amazing hikes to the spiritual centre of Ubud where yoga and meditation are popular activities, or the party beach of Kuta to the peaceful Gili Islands, there’s so much to see and do. The weather is the warmest that you will get all year in June (with an average of 28°C), so this is the perfect time for hitting the pool or taking a dip in the sea. And the island is one of the friendliest destinations on earth, suitable for couples, groups, young tourists or families. From honeymoon resorts to backpacking, there’s something to suit every budget.

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South Korea

There’s no bad time to visit South Korea and it’s a wonderful destination throughout the seasons, but the start of summer offers great weather before the monsoons in July and August. June is ideal as you will still be able to enjoy the lingering spring warmth plus humidity levels are still relatively low. Spend time exploring the incredible capital of Seoul, and don’t miss the wonderful traditional food markets of Myeong-dong. Both cities are amazing for shopaholics and there are so many dishes that you have to try. Including Korean BBQ (Bulgogi grill), Bibimbap rice bowls, Japchae noodles, Ddukbokki rice cakes, and much more.

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Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden’s capital is a fantastic place to come with a weekend break or for an extended holiday. Whether you are travelling alone, in a group, or with the kids, this city has something for everyone. There are top museums as well as the Royal Palace to see during your stay, there are some great restaurants and very good nightlife for those in search of a party, and the best high-end shopping around. Expect daily temps to be around 7-16°C and the lowest chance of rain compared to the rest of the year.

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Republic of Ireland

Although known to be quite changeable and often unpredictable, June is a glorious month for exploring Ireland’s top cities and rugged coastal regions. Driving holidays are very popular, so hire a car and take to the famous routes that offer the most amazing views. Such as the A2 Antrim Coast Road (from Larne or Belfast), the Connemara region (Galway to Westport), The Inishowen 100 (in Donegal), The Burren Beauty (in Clare), or The Sally Gap (in County Wicklow). You can also get a taste of city life in places like Dublin, Galway, Killarney, Cork, Kinsale and Limerick.

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Finland sees the first signs of summer in June time, with highs of 22°C and above in the southern part of the country. Cities like Helsinki are warmest at this time of year and will continue to get hotter later into the month. Whilst the average temps reach their peak further north in places like Lapland where a pleasant 14°C can be felt on the wonderland resorts. This is also the perfect time to visit Suomenlinna, an 18thCentury sea fortress with top hiking trail spread across 6 islands.  And if you’re in the capital, don’t miss the hustle and bustle of the beautiful Market Square at weekends.

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Kaua’i, Hawaii, USA

What a great time to plan a holiday in Hawaii, when the weather is lovely and hot with daytime highs of 27°C and above. In the evening, this tends to drop to around 21°C or 22°C, making nights out or alfresco dining extremely comfortable. The island of Kauai is particularly great at this time of year and June boasts some of the best sunsets. Water sports on the beach are also second to none, and the food on Kauai is unbeatable. If you enjoy fine dining, don’t miss restaurants like RedSalt at the Koa Kea Resort and Rum Fire at the Sheraton.

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Montevideo, Uraguay

The capital city of Uruguay is known for its beautiful bay area and its old port market filled with some of the world’s best steakhouses. If you’re passionate about good food, culture and history, this is one of the finest destinations to travel to. And there’s the promise of warm and comfortable weather in June, with highs of around 18°C and rarely falling below 8°C even in the evenings. Montevideo’s architecture is all centred around the Plaza de La Independencia, which leads to the stunning Ciudad Vieja old town area.

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If you’re wondering about the best time to travel to the Galapagos Islands, June marks the start of the Garúa Season. This is when the islands are at their coolest and driest, providing a comfortable climate for outdoor activities such as hiking. The skies are sunny or overcast with occasional light rainfall and strong currents in the water due to southeast trade winds. June is a good month to look for Humpback Whales, go bird spotting on North Seymour Island, or to go hiking around Sullivan Bay. There are also some nice forest trails through Santa Cruz and San Cristóbal.

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Holiday types

Wildlife lovers should have the Galapagos Islands firmly on their radar in June, whilst city breakers can take their pick from the best in Europe. For all-out luxury honeymoons, it has to be Mauritius or the Maldives…

Family Holidays

For a family holiday with endless sights and attractions, the UK capital is not to be missed. From the London Eye, The Shard and superb shopping to kid-friendly museums, there won’t be a dull moment.
Take a tour of Norway in June time, when the weather is absolutely wonderful (reaching as high as 30°C in some locations). Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim are great for little ones and Tromsø is a must if you want to see the Northern Lights.
For family-friendly beaches, you cannot miss Costa Rica. The coastal towns of Jacó, Tamarindo and Sámara are all excellent in early summer.


Ibiza is more than just a party island. San Antonia Bay is a top destination for water sports and there are some incredible hikes (such as Cap des Falco or Punta Galera) for those who like to stay active abroad.
The Rocky Mountains in Colorado is one of the most magical places in the USA. The park offers some mind-blowingly beautiful views and June is a good time to go camping and to reconnect with nature.
See the Norwegian fjords on a cruise boat during peak cruise season when summer is in full swing and the weather is at its best. This UNESCO World Heritage site is among the best unspoiled travel destinations on the planet.


Venture to South Australia for the perfect mix of wine and wildlife on your honeymoon in June. Enjoy wine tours and tastings in Adelaide and the Barossa Valley, whilst exploring the creeks such as Gorge Wildlife Park.
Go sailing in the Greek Islands for the ultimate island hopping experience. The most romantic stops include Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos and Paros.
For all-out luxury, it doesn’t get any better than The Maldives. Imagine white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, amazing snorkelling and hot sunshine on your trip.

City Breaks

The city of Ghent in Belgium is ideal for spending a long weekend for couples, groups or families. With lovely warm weather in June and endless sightseeing/attractions.
Cologne in Germany is also a wonderful destination for culture vultures. This 2,000-year-old city is home to spectacular Gothic landmarks and has a number of excellent museums.
Zagreb is Croatia’s northwestern capital and is often forgotten as it’s far from the coast. But this city has much to offer, including the best food around.

Nature Breaks

Nature lovers will find Húsavík in Iceland to be the perfect place to spot whales. Tours leave daily from Shaky Bay, with a 98% chance of sightings around this time.
Uganda is home to a number of fantastic nature reserves, such as Ajai Game Reserve, Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve, and Lake Mburo. And June is one of the driest months, meaning that viewing is at its best.
The dry season is also the best time to check into a safari stay in Madagascar and the cool, dry climate makes it ideal for a mix of nature, jungle and beach. For luxury and access to wildlife, the Nosy Be Island is a must.

Events and festivals

For a June festival you won’t forget, it won’t get much more unique than Jazz in Cappadocia. But there are plenty of other events out there that will bring more than one or two raised eyebrows…

Gawai Dayak Festival


1 June

An annual celebration led by the Dayak people in Sarawak, Borneo. Taking on old Malaysian and Indonesian traditions with classical costume and local cake delicacies made from glutinous rice flour and sugar. A great festival for anyone with a sweet tooth and plenty of street entertainment for visitors.

Ise Ebi Matsuri

Shima City, Japan

2 June

The Ise Ebi Matsuri Festival takes place in Shima City every year on the first Saturday of the month. Also known as the Spiny Lobster Festival, this event celebrates the abundant sea harvest along the coast.


Cappadocia, Turkey

14 June

Taking place in the awe-inspiring location of Cappadocia with its alien landscapes, the Cappadox festival is a fabulous mix of jazz music, fire and rock formations known as “fairy chimneys”. Not only can festival-goers enjoy non-stop entertainment, but there will also be some great food on offer.

Iceland National Day


17 June

Iceland’s independence day is the 17th of June, and celebrates the country gaining independence from Denmark in 1944. Celebrations include parades and parties, with one woman selected to be the ‘Lady of Mountain’ and lead the parade in Reykjavík.

Festival of the Sun

Cusco, Peru

24 June

Every year on June 24th, the Festival of the Sun takes place in Cusco, Peru. Attracting thousands of people and spectators to watch the religious ceremony of the Inca Empire.

Boi Bumba

Parintins, Brazil

29 June

This Amazonian folklore festival takes place in the town of Parintins and features everything from processions with colourful outfits and tribal rituals to giant puppet shows and Boi Bumba dance performances.

Places to avoid

Great weather means there are lots of fantastic places to visit in June, but it can also get a bit too hot in some areas meaning they’re better avoided until things cool a little.

Pass on these ones for a month or two…

  • The Middle East – the heat is almost unbearable, so save your trip for the spring or autumn when you can enjoy all the wonderful things there are to see and do.
  • India – it’s still monsoon season and no time to be exploring the magic of this beautiful land. Don’t waste a trip by visiting in June.

Here’s what we would do


There are so many fantastic options for travel in June that it’s hard to pick just one. However, we’d opt for a tour of Scandinavia to take in the cities and landscapes in this wonderful land.

Stop in in Stockholm, go hiking in Finland and see the Northern Lights in Norway.

Then you can hop on a cruise around the Norwegian Fjords and spot whales off Iceland.



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