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Tourism has always captured people’s hearts. Travel is a fantastic way to broaden your horizons and understand more about other cultures and gain more knowledge of destinations around the world.

But what happens when travellers love tourism, love the city, the fantastic sights they get to witness, but don’t consider their impact on the places they visit?

In our new series, we worked with designer Candice Massaria to create a series of illustrations showcasing the darker side of tourism. The series is designed to highlight the negative impact tourism can have on the places we visit and raise awareness of the issues travellers need to be aware of. If we do that (and act on it), later generations will be able to enjoy the same things we do.

In a world where travel has become ever-more accessible and #travelgoals and #wanderlust posts fill our social media feeds, it can be too easy to be swept up in the excitement of visiting new places without thinking about how this affects the destinations themselves. It’s important we don’t forget the importance of conserving the beautiful places and things we see, as well as enjoying them ourselves.

If you’d like to share the illustrations on social media, use the hashtag #unseenworld


This is The Greatest Show


Picture Perfect

The Tourist Economy

Caught Red-handed

Love Hurts


Hook, Line And Sinker

No Room At The Tourist Town

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