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As winter approaches and temperatures start to fall, many people find themselves dreaming of warm weather and a tropical escape. Roatán is an island that is becoming more and more popular with travellers looking to experience a slice of life on a Caribbean island, and whilst November is the off-season for tourism it’s still a brilliant time to visit. 

Weather in Roatán in November

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November is one of the wettest months in Roatán, as the island’s rainy season is in full swing. However, unlike many Caribbean countries, there is a very low risk of hurricanes or flooding on Roatán which means that the island is still popular with travellers in November.


Average temperatures start to fall a little bit in Roatán in November, with daily highs of around 29°C and an average low of 22°C, which will feel nice and cool in the evenings. Despite the rain, Roatán is still very warm in November, so remember to pack accordingly if you are coming from somewhere colder, although don’t forget your waterproof!

Sea Temperature

Roatán is particularly popular in the winter because of its warm beach weather, and with average sea temperatures of 28°C in November you can see why so many people come to enjoy the coast of the island, despite the risk of rain. 

Clouds and Rainfall

It rains 20 days out of 30 on Roatán in November, but you can expect warm and sunny weather in between the showers. Wet season on the island usually entails a day or two of moderate rain followed by a few dry days, so you’re likely to get both sides of Roatán’s weather if you’re staying for a week. 

Sunshine Hours

Roatán usually experiences an average of 6 hours of bright sunshine each day in November. The sun rises in the morning just before 6 am, and tends to set at around 5.15 pm.

Where to go in Roatán in November

Roatan West End

West End Village 

Roatán’s West End Village is probably the best-known location on the whole island and is an excellent place to pass the time if it is raining. There’s a lively social scene day and night across the shops, cafes, and restaurants. In November you’ll be able to enjoy a much more authentic atmosphere as there will be more locals out and about in the town.

See the top hotels and resorts in this area. 

5 Star Luxury Holiday

If you’re going to enjoy one of Roatán’s luxury holiday resorts then November is a great month to get a cheap deal and enjoy the peace and quiet of the off-season. The island’s best hotels and resorts offer a variety of different accommodations, fantastic activities for guests, and perfect spots to relax outdoors when the weather is good.

Check out some options of 5 star accommodation in Roatán:

Things to do in Roatán in November


Spend time at Roatán’s Sloth Sanctuary 

On the days when the weather isn’t suited to enjoying time outdoors, a popular attraction on Roatán for adults and children alike is Daniel Johnson’s Monkey and Sloth Hangout, which offers visitors the chance to see a variety of islands animals at a family-run sanctuary. There is a range of different tours and animal experiences for tourists at the sanctuary, but the highlight for many people is the chance to feed and hold some of the sanctuary’s adorable rescued sloths.

You can book in advance a tour to Monkey and Sloth Hangout that includes transport to and from the sanctuary. 

Visit the Carambola Botanical Gardens

If you want to see more of the island and its wildlife whilst you are in Roatán a beautiful part of the island to visit is the Carambola Botanical Gardens. You can follow hiking trails through this vast green space right to the top of Carambola mountain, plunging through the jungle and spotting animals such as iguanas, parrots and native guatusa rabbits. The trees will provide cover from any passing showers, and nature lovers will find countless things to stop and look at as you walk. 

See our full guide of things to do in Roatán

Crowds & costs

November is the last full month of the low season for tourism on Roatán, making it the perfect time to visit the island if you want to grab a brilliant deal at one of the luxury holiday resorts. Cruise ship tours don’t often stop at Roatán in November, so even the most popular beaches and towns are likely to be quiet, which is perfect if you’re after a more low-key holiday.

Boat on Beach Roatan

Frequently asked questions about Roatán in November

When was the last time a hurricane hit Roatán?

The last time Roatán was affected by a hurricane was 1998, when Hurricane Mitch caused damage to several of the island’s communities. On the whole, Roatán is reasonably safe from hurricanes because of its geographical position, and you are highly unlikely to be affected by one if you come to the island for a holiday. 

Is Roatán safe for tourists?

Roatán gets a bad reputation for safety because Honduras can sometimes be a dangerous place for tourists. However, the island relies a lot on tourism and therefore is pretty safe for travellers, particularly in the west of Roatán. And as you would in any country, make sure that you always keep valuable items with you and try and avoid walking around on your own at night, just in case. 


Don’t let the risk of rain stop you from considering Roatán as a November holiday destination; you’ll get a fair amount of sunshine on the island and the temperatures are always high regardless of what the weather is doing! It’s a brilliant time to make the most of the island’s last quiet month before tourists start to flock for a Christmas break, and you’ll understand why Roatán has grown so popular as soon as you arrive. 

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Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means we can earn a small commission when our visitors click on them. This helps us to keep our content free and accessible for everyone, but you’ll never be charged for engaging with them.