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Roatán is the largest of the Bay Islands of Honduras, situated off the coast of the country in the Caribbean Sea and rapidly growing in popularity as a holiday destination thanks to its tropical weather and picturesque beaches. April is a very popular month to visit Roatán and enjoy the towns and scenery across the island, and whether you want to join the crowds or escape to the rural east coast, there’s a brilliant variety of things to see and do in Roatán in April.

Weather in Roatán in April

Rural Roatan


The dry season in Roatán properly begins in April, and there is a very small chance of rain throughout the month coupled with high temperatures and lots of Caribbean sunshine. It won’t feel too hot however, as there is a steady wind that blows through Roatán from the east and ensures that the humidity doesn’t become uncomfortable.


The temperature in Roatán in April usually reaches a high of 30°C during the day and then drops down to around 23°C in the evening. This low temperature will still feel very warm, so it is worth checking that your accommodation has some kind of air conditioning to ensure you sleep comfortably. 

Water Temperature

Swimming and watersports are some of Roatán’s most popular activities for tourists, and April is a great time to enjoy these as the average water temperature in Roatán is around 27°C across the month. 

Clouds and Rainfall

The majority of the days in Roatán are likely to be sunny in April, with only a few occasions when the sky will be cloudy or overcast. There are usually around 6 days which will have rain, but even then these are very unlikely to be heavy, prolonged showers. 

Sunshine Hours

There will be over 13 hours of daylight in Roatán in April, with 8 hours of bright sunlight within these. It will feel very hot in the sun during the middle of the day, so make sure that you are wearing suncream, drinking lots of water, and keeping to the shade if you are outdoors.

Where to go in Roatán in April

House on Stilts Oak Ridge

Oak Ridge 

The west of Roatán can be particularly busy in April, and whilst areas like the West End Village and Bay are still worth visiting despite the crowds, a great place to escape to for some peace and quiet is the seaside fishing community of Oak Ridge. Sometimes referred to as ‘The Venice of Roatán’ because you have to get around via boat, Oak Ridge is a very picturesque spot where residents build their colourful houses on stilts, and mountains and rainforests present a beautiful backdrop to enjoy as you explore the area.

Camp Bay

Another location that is known for being off the beaten track is Camp Bay on the east coast of the island, which is perfect for those who want an experience of island paradise and aren’t too bothered about being near to busy or populated areas for restaurants and activities. The white sand beaches here are like something out of a dream, and you can enjoy total idyllic tranquillity on this side of the island, with other areas easily reachable if you are willing to hire a car for your trip. 

Things to do in Roatán in April

Scuba Diving

Ride a Horse Along the Beach

Horse riding is a holiday activity that has grown in popularity in recent years, as a more environmentally friendly way of exploring an area that is less strenuous than a hike. In Roatán you can take part in a group excursion that will see you riding a trained horse through the waves of the Caribbean Sea, along the sand and into the rainforest, enjoying every aspect of the island’s scenery.

Go Snorkelling

Snorkelling and scuba diving are perhaps the most popular activity for travellers visiting Roatán, due to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef that surrounds the island and gives it one of the best marine ecosystems in the world. If you don’t have time for the training and equipment fitting that scuba diving requires, you can still appreciate Roatán’s coral reefs by snorkelling around the island and catching glimpses of some of the sea creatures that make it such a prime spot for underwater exploration. 

Crowds & costs

April is one of the busiest months in Roatán, as the month aligns with many people’s holidays and travellers seek to make the most of the hot and dry weather on the island. Prices for hotels and flights will be much higher than in the low season for tourism, so it is worth booking your holiday well in advance if you want to visit Roatán in April and secure a reasonable deal. You may also want to plan trips to the quieter and more rural areas of the island if you’re not keen on sharing your trip with a lot of other people.

April festivals and events

Garifuna Festival

The Garifuna community are the oldest inhabitants of Roatán, based in Punta Gorda on the island and tracing their ancestors right back to the survivors of a shipwrecked slave vessel that broke apart on a nearby coral reef at the start of the 18th century. The annual festival celebrates Garifuna culture with traditional costumes, song and dance performances, and a reenactment of the Garifuna people’s arrival on Roatán.

Roatan West End

Frequently asked questions about Roatán in April

Is Roatán Safe?

Whilst Honduras has a relatively high crime rate, Roatán is actually a very safe island to visit. As with any location, you should avoid walking around on your own at night and use common sense to avoid getting scammed or pickpocketed, but overall you are unlikely to run into anything unsafe on Roatán.

Are there sharks in Roatán?

Roatán’s coral reefs are home to a vast variety of wildlife, and amongst these creatures are certain species of sharks such as reef sharks, nurse sharks and hammerhead sharks. However, none of these sharks are dangerous to humans, and they are unlikely to come anywhere near you whilst you are swimming or scuba diving. 


April is one of the most popular months to visit Roatán for a reason; the weather is ideal, there is a sensational cultural festival during the month, and it is a perfect time to partake in the watersports that the island is known for being perfect for. With lush forests, lively towns and picture-perfect beaches, Roatán truly has everything you could want from a tropical island holiday. 

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Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means we can earn a small commission when our visitors click on them. This helps us to keep our content free and accessible for everyone, but you’ll never be charged for engaging with them.