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Cuba is a country that has a lot to offer its visitors; from abundant wildlife to a stunning variety of scenery and miles of beautiful Caribbean coastline. Holidays in Cuba are becoming increasingly popular, as more and more people hear about the island’s unique history, lively culture and diverse range of regions to discover.

Visiting Cuba in June sees the country at the start of its low season for tourists, which is perfect for those who prefer to explore a location at their own pace, and enjoy a much more authentic atmosphere. The risk of bad weather might put some people off, but there will also be plenty of sunshine throughout the month, and many indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy during your stay.

Reasons to visit Cuba in June

  • June is one of the cheapest months to travel and stay in Cuba and is a perfect time to visit if you are on a budget
  • High temperatures across the month make June a fantastic time for activities in the ocean such as snorkelling, diving and watersports
  • Whilst June is a popular month for Cuban locals to have holidays across the island, there don’t tend to be many tourists visiting the country and popular attractions and resorts are likely to be quiet

Weather in Cuba in June

Colourful Havana

June is one of the rainiest months of the year in the west of Cuba and the capital city of Havana, with the east of the island also experiencing a lot of rain and even hotter temperatures. However, most mornings see remarkably clear and bright weather that is perfect for enjoying high temperatures on the beach, and most afternoon storms will have passed by the evening.  


Temperatures in Cuba in June can reach up to 31ºC during the day, and drop down to about 22ºC in the evenings. Humidity tends to be quite high throughout the month, which is partly due to the thunderstorms which often gather and hit in the afternoons. 

The best time to enjoy the warmth and sunshine in Cuba is in the early morning and evening, whereas the middle of the day is better spent inside somewhere that has air conditioning.

Sea Temperature

Sea temperatures in June are some of the highest that Cuba has all year, with an average water temperature of 28ºC. These are ideal conditions for swimming, but make sure that you are not in the water during heavy rain or thunderstorms as this can be dangerous. 

Clouds and Rainfall

Visiting Cuba in June, you are likely to experience at least a couple of rainy days during your stay. Rainfall in the island’s wet season however usually tends to happen in short, heavy bursts and can provide pleasant relief from the humid heat. During the afternoon it is likely to be overcast and cloudy as the rain sweeps in, but you should have clear skies and sunshine in the mornings most days. 

Whilst June is the start of Cuba’s hurricane season, the country usually only experiences one prolonged storm during the month and hurricanes rarely hit the island as early as June.

Sunshine Hours

There are eight hours of sunshine a day in Cuba in June, which is slightly less than the previous month. The sun tends to rise at around 6.45 am in the morning and then set around 8.15 pm in the evening, so you will have plenty of hours of light to enjoy the island. 

When out in the sunshine ensure that you are wearing suncream for protection from the high UV rays, and stay in the shade or air-conditioned buildings during the hottest parts of the day.

Where to go in Cuba in June

Old Havana Cuba

Caya Coco

If you are planning on coming to Cuba at the start of the month to enjoy the last of the good weather, consider having at least a few days on the nearby island Caya Coco, home to several luxury beach resorts and incredible coral reefs. Prices will be very reasonable even for all-inclusive holidays during June, but there is also a lot more to discover on the island than beaches and hotels. 

Perhaps the biggest attraction in Caya Coco is the coral reefs that line the coastline of the island, and which are incredible for scuba-diving and snorkelling excursions. The island is also covered in forests that are perfect for exploring and home to an immense variety of wildlife, including a huge colony of flamingos.

Old Havana

June is a brilliant time to properly explore the most visited areas of Cuba at your own pace, and one of these popular locations is the borough of Old Havana right in the middle of the country’s capital city. The area still has its original layout and much of its authentic colonial architecture, and is known for its narrow streets that are often lined with the vintage cars that Cuba is famous for.

Old Havana is best navigated on foot, as this way you can take in every element of your surroundings and better appreciate the atmosphere of this historic area. Catch your breath in one of the plazas, and spend some time people-watching with a coffee or cocktail before heading back out into the rest of the city.


A wonderfully unique and quirky area in Cuba is Cienfuegos on the south coast of the island. Originally built by the French as a European style holiday town, Cienfuegos is an incredibly pretty place to visit with the ocean on one side of the town and the Sierra del Escambray mountains rising up on the other.

Known as ‘the pearl of the south’, you can pass your time in the town by simply walking the streets and admiring the range of brightly coloured buildings and unique architectural styles, or explore outside of its boundaries and visit the forests or bays nearby. The town isn’t known for its beaches, but with the unpredictable June weather this shouldn’t matter too much, as there are a host of historic attractions to keep visitors busy instead.  

Things to do in Cuba in June

Roll a Cigar 

Cuban cigars are famous across the world, and even if you aren’t a smoker yourself you can still learn how to roll a classic cigar in many places across the island and take it home as a souvenir or present for someone else. If you want a more authentic experience you can travel to a tobacco farm in rural Cuba, where the best cigars can either be bought or hand-rolled in a workshop. 

Go Snorkelling in a Coral Reef

The warm seas temperatures in June make it a perfect month for snorkelling, and an abundance of marine life can be found in many of Cuba’s bays that are perfect for admiring as you swim. Caya Coco has already been mentioned as a prime spot, but Maria la Gorda and Holguín are also excellent locations for underwater exploration. 

Stroll Along the Havana Malecon

Havana’s classic promenade stretches out for seven kilometres across the seafront, lined with brightly painted buildings showcasing the range of architecture that the capital city is home to. It’s a great way to spot classic cars, mingle with street vendors and catch some of the cool breezes that roll off the ocean. 

Cabaret at the Tropicana Club

The Tropicana Club in Havana is one of the most iconic entertainment spots in the whole country and a very popular place to spend an evening if the weather isn’t suited for outdoor dining and drinking. It’s an expensive venue, but well worth the price for a spectacular night of Cuban dance and music. 

Crowds & costs

Classic Cuban Car

June is one of Cuba’s least busy months because of the unpredictable weather, resulting in some of the lowest prices for flights and accommodation. If you are wanting to visit Cuba on a budget then June is one of the best months to do this, and you will also be able to enjoy many of its popular attractions, restaurants and bars in peace.

Many Cuban families make the most of this drop in tourism and take their holidays on the beach in June, but the crowds are nowhere near as bad as during peak tourist season, and the atmosphere across the country is much more authentic.

June festivals & events

Fiesta San Juaneras

The Fiesta de San Juan is celebrated in many Latin American countries, and the biggest event in Cuba takes place in Trinidad at the end of June. If you are wanting to experience a classic Cuban carnival then this is a fantastic one to attend, featuring a huge procession, elaborate costumes and displays of horsemanship from guajiros; Cuban agricultural workers.

Ernest Hemingway Needlefish Tournament 

Fishing is a very popular pastime across the island of Cuba, and this competition was established by the famous author himself in the 1950s. Hosted off the coast of Havana at the Hemingway Marina, the tournament focuses on needlefish species such as wahoo, marlin, and tuna and is the most important fishing event in Cuba’s cultural calendar.

International Golden Boleros Festival

Bolero is a slow-tempo genre of Latin music, and the International Golden Bolero Festival that takes place in Havana is a celebration of this popular kind of music. Originally accompanied by just guitars and drums, bolero music is now performed with symphony orchestras at this event and offers a more classical take on Cuban music.  

Frequently asked questions about Cuba in June

Does it rain a lot in Cuba in June?

June is the start of Cuba’s hurricane season and the second month of its wet season, so you can expect some rain whilst you are staying on the island. However, showers do not tend to last very long and the mornings and evenings in Cuba in June are usually dry and sunny. 

Can US citizens travel to Cuba right now?

Cuba and America have a complicated political past, which has resulted in travel restrictions for U.S citizens wanting to come to the country. It is still possible for people to visit Cuba from America however, and a full list of authorised reasons for travel can be found online.

How dangerous is Cuba?

Cuba is a relatively safe place to visit on holiday, even if you are travelling on your own. You may be exposed to minor crimes such as pickpocketing or tourist scams, and road conditions across the country are not great, but overall there is nothing that makes it a particularly dangerous country to visit. 


Cuba is a fantastic place to visit on holiday, and the off-season is an excellent time to see a side of the island that usually goes undiscovered by travellers. Whether you are enjoying the morning sunshine or passing the time indoors away from the high afternoon heat, Cuba has plenty of things to occupy your time during a trip in June.

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Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means we can earn a small commission when our visitors click on them. This helps us to keep our content free and accessible for everyone, but you’ll never be charged for engaging with them.