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Beers, chocolate and mating penguins. Welcome to October ladies and gentleman! And if that hasn’t whet your whistle for an October holiday then how about tiger spotting, iconic landmarks and spectacular waterfalls? As you can probably tell, October promises to be a good one…


Where’s hot

October offers a mix of weather, as temperatures start to cool in Europe and Northern America, whereas many countries in the southern hemisphere are still seeing highs of over 30°C. If you’re looking for the last bit of sunshine before the winter, try places such as India, Thailand and Morocco.

TOWN, Country Temperatures Min° Max° Wet Days
Bombay, India 25 33 3
Tahiti, French Polynesia 22 32 9
Vientiane, Laos 22 32 7
Phuket, Thailand 26 31 20
Cairo, Egypt 19 31 20
Windhoek, Namibia 16 30 0
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania 22 30 7
Hanoi, Vietnam 23 30 9
Praia, Cape Verde 25 30 3
Marrakech, Morocco 15 29 4

Where to go

October is an exciting time to travel as there are many alternative destinations on offer that combine good weather and worthwhile attractions, whether that be wildlife and nature or unique events. Read on for our lowdown of the ones not to miss…

  • Tunis
  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • Kathmandu
  • Jordan
  • French Polynesia
  • Ireland
  • Munich
  • Aegean Coast
  • Argentina
  • Canada
  • Jamaica


Tunis, Tunisia

Tunisia’s capital is wonderfully warm in October, with highs of 26°C and rarely falling below 16°C. This makes a pleasant change from the summer weather which is uncomfortably hot – and the start of autumn is also incredibly atmospheric in the city. This is the perfect time to explore the outdoor spaces such as Belvedere Park, which is home to a zoo and athletics court and features a number of fantastic walking/cycling trails. The Tunis Nippon Garden is also great for a casual stroll, whilst there are also plenty of sights for architecture and history fans.

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Short rain showers can be expected in the months of September and October, but the main wet season (April to August) is well and truly over by now. If you want to ensure that you stay dry during your holiday, try to avoid the coast (predominantly the Niger Delta) where rainfall is generally higher. Instead, head north to Lake Chad and the Chad Basin National Park or go wildlife spotting at Yankari National Park. Wherever you decide to go, it’s important to pack some layers but the weather is generally hot at this time of year, with peaks of 29°C or higher.

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October marks the start of the cool, dry season which is the most pleasant and comfortable time to visit Ghana. Weather averages for the capital city, Accra, are around 23°C with highs of 30°C. Staying in Accra is a must for anyone visiting Ghana for the first time, and tourists often find the city to be incredibly welcoming of backpackers, lone travellers, couples, groups or families. Evening temperatures are slightly cooler, making it the ideal destination for the night safari at Mole National Park. Other things not to be missed are Jamestown, the beautiful Cape Coast, Labadi Beach, and Lake Volta.

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Kathmandu, Nepal

October is better than the summer months for visiting Kathmandu because this beautiful Nepalese city is cooler and drier at the start of autumn. Rainfall is at its lowest in this season and you can expect daytime averages of 14-26°C which provides a comfortable climate for walking around, sightseeing, cycling or long hikes. Now that the monsoons have subsided, visitors will be treated to beautiful clear skies, lovely fresh air and the most spectacular views. Don’t miss walking in Kathmandu Valley or seeing the Swayambhunath and Pashupatinath temples if you want to spend your time on foot. And be sure to reward yourself to some local dishes of Momos dumplings or some Dal bhat lentil soup and rice after a long day.

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For warm weather and relatively low rainfall, October is the time to embark on your adventure to Petra, Jordan’s most iconic attraction. An archaeological site dating back to 300 BC and the once-capital of the Nabatean Kingdom, which today is accessed via a narrow canyon. Daily temperatures can reach 26°C (rarely falling below 14°C), and this lovely weather also makes it the perfect month to experience the Wadi Rum desert on camelback or on a self-drive holiday. If you want a trip to remember, be sure to add the Dead Sea to your list of things to do as well – this incredible natural phenomenon is a large salt lake where you can literally float on water!

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French Polynesia

Jet off to the Philippines in April, the last month of the dry season. Which is one of the most popular times to travel. During this period, the country is fully accessible for tourism, including the remote areas and islands that can’t be accessed during high rainfall. And as it’s the end of the peak season, tourist crowds start to fall so getting around will be so much easier. The country itself is made up of 7,000 islands and its capital city, Manila, is one of the must-visit places for first-timers. Don’t miss the stunning waterfall promenade or the daily street food market.

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Whilst the rain is said to be a little unpredictable, autumn is a great time to visit Ireland. And despite misconceptions about the climate here, Ireland actually boasts a rather mild temperature level compared to other destinations in Europe. The city of Dublin, for example, can be anywhere between 5-17°C in October. So whilst you’ll need to wrap up with a jacket and base layer, you won’t be left shivering when exploring some of the outdoor sights and attractions. Some of the cities to add to your bucket list include Cork, Galway, Limerick, Belfast, Derry, Waterford, Kinsale, Killarney, Blarney and Armagh.

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Munich, Germany

Whilst you are likely to only catch the last few days of the world-famous Oktoberfest in Munich in October, there’s so much else taking place across the city itself, with awesome shopping and unbeatable nightlife. With temps of around 6-14°C, warm clothing will be required but a light jacket should be sufficient for most days, and this climate is perfect for partaking in the popular activity of cycling around the city to see some of its best spots. If you do find yourself starting to get chilly however, visit a traditional sauna in Munich is a great way to get warm and relax during your holiday.

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Aegean Coast, Turkey

Explore the Aegean Coast of Turkey after the summer rush and you won’t have to fight other travellers for a spot on the beach. This is the time to travel if you are looking for a cheap holiday package. And with lovely warm weather and relatively low rainfall, you won’t be disappointed when you get here. Expect 19°C averages whilst highs can be 22°C or above, rarely falling under 15°C and with at least 8 hours of sunshine every day! The water temperature is around 22°C, which means that swimming in the sea is extremely pleasant. And the most popular destinations along this coastline to check out are Izmir, Fethiye, Marmaris, Kusadasi and Bodrum City.

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This vast South American destination can vary in climate from north to south, but generally speaking the shoulder seasons (from September to November or March to May) are the best times to visit. In October, the weather is nice and pleasant so we recommend spending time in the beautiful capital, Buenos Aires. You can expect averages of 15°C, reaching highs of 22°C on a good day and rarely dipping below 13°C. This is also a good time to visit the spectacular Iguazu Falls where the temps can range from 17-30°C.

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The months of September and October are what’s known as an ‘Indian summer’ in Canada. The weather is still very pleasant at this time, and the trees turn a gorgeous golden hue. Another good reason to travel in autumn time is the lower tourist footfall, which means that the cities and resorts will be much quieter. Spend a few nights in Vancouver and take a stroll in the famous Queen Elizabeth Park and English Bay, enjoy a sightseeing tour of Montreal and get lost in the magical Botanical Garden, visit the Dinosaur Provincial Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) in Calgary, and book an excursion to the Niagara Falls.

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October is the wettest month of the year in Jamaica, but the rain showers tend to be short and sweet. Even if there is an extended period of rain (which can be a few hours), blue skies are always left behind so you can get back to the beach in no time. The temperature averages are around 27°C in the daytime, with highs of 30°C or above. And with 8 hours of sunshine, you will find plenty of opportunities to get a suntan. Jamaica is also well known for its lively nightlife, so head over to Montego Bay or check out the clubs and music halls of Kingston to catch a late-night party.

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Holiday types

October is a great time for alternative family holidays or adventure breaks suitable for families and more intrepid customers. Honeymooners might have to think slightly more outside the box than the usual luxury beach getaways, with city breaks an excellent alternative…

Family Holidays

The perfect family holiday awaits in Limassol, the seaside city with castles and fun attractions for all ages. Take the little ones to Limassol Zoo or the Fasouri Watermania Waterpark.

Salzburg in Austria is comfortably pleasant (6°-15°C) at this time of year and the autumnal season works its magic on the city, transforming the parks with the golden hues of changing leaves. Don’t miss Hohensalzburg Castle and be sure to visit Nonnberg Abbey.

A Nile cruise is fantastic in October, with cooler daytime temperatures so you can explore the sites of Aswan and Luxor in comfort.


Book an expedition to Antarctica in late Oct to see it in its most undisturbed natural form. Expect pristine landscapes of white snow and ice, and witness the start of penguin mating season.

Take a tour to discover the ‘Treasures of Ancient Persia’, a Silk Road adventure in Iran during the cooler month of October when temps drop from 26°C (in Sept) to a pleasant 19°C.

For mind-blowingly beautiful views, plan a trekking holiday in the Canadian Rockies. This beautiful mountain region still has good weather at the beginning of the month, and the sunsets are to die for.


Catch the last few rays of the summer and jet off to Malta this October on your honeymoon. Daily temperatures are around 18-25°C, so you’ll be sure to get a tan.

Spend a few nights in a glass igloo in magical Lapland; a fun and unusual honeymoon for those who prefer winter romance to sun, sea and sand. This is a fantastic opportunity to catch the Northern Lights when visibility is at its finest.

Abu Dhabi is a superb city for honeymooners in search of unadulterated luxury. Think fine dining, designer shopping, 6 and 7-star hotels with outstanding service, and the most magnificent skyscrapers.

City Breaks

Florence is the ideal city break destination for art, history and culture. And foodies will rejoice in the endless choice of fantastic restaurants and street food markets.

Spend a long weekend in Berlin, exploring its hippest and coolest neighbourhoods such as Neukölln, Kreuzberg, Wrangelkiez, and Prenzlauer Berg.

Vienna is full of charm at this time of year and visiting the city’s many parks (such as Sigmund-Freud Park, Stadtpark and Burggarten) to watch the leaves change colour is a must.

Nature Breaks

For the ultimate nature break, book a holiday in India and visit Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh or Pench Tiger Reserve on the Maharashtra-Madhya Pradesh border when tiger viewing is at its very best.

Search for polar bears in the Arctic region of Northern Canada. The town of Churchill is one of the few places with a human settlement where polar bears can be observed in their natural environment.

The Colca Canyon in Peru is the world’s deepest river canyon and is an excellent destination for hiking tours and wildlife spotting (including llamas, alpacas and pumas).

Events and festivals

October is a month for the foodies with festivals and events across the globe dedicated to the best nourishment the world has to offer. There’s sausage and beers being celebrated in Eastern Europe, though those with a taste for the finer things can enjoy chocolate and truffle extravaganzas…

Pálinka & Sausage Festival

Budapest, Hungary

2 October

The foodie festival to keep you warm in cold weather, taking place inside the beautiful Buda Castle every October. Featuring Palinka fruit brandy and sausages, as well as pastries and other street eats.

Tübingen Duck Race

Alleenbrücke, Germany

Early October

This annual race has become famous across Germany as a quirky and lighthearted event, as thousands of bright yellow rubber ducks are released down the River Neckar. Crowds line the banks of the river to watch the race, many cheering on the duck that they have paid for in the hope that it will cross the finish line first and win them a prize.


Perugia, Italy

19 October

The ultimate festival for chocolate lovers! Tame your sweet tooth at this delicious event in Perugia and go shopping for the best local chocolate, enjoy tasting tours, attend themed parties and watch the live entertainment.

Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival



This famous matchmaking festival is the biggest singles event to take place in the Republic of Ireland every autumn. If you’re single and looking, book your ticket and join in the fun with fantastic music acts and parties for a whole weekend.

Lake of Stars



Autumn brings the fabulous arts festival, the Lake of Stars to Leopards Bay, Lifuwa Salima, in Malawi’s central region. With live music performances, entertainment for all ages, and plenty of great festival food.

Alba White Truffle Festival

Alba, Italy

27 October

October is prime truffle season and there are events taking place every weekend in Alba. The White Truffle Festival is a recurring weekend celebration throughout the entire month, with everything from tastings to wine pairings.

Places to avoid

We’ve celebrated the glorious attractions of holidays in October, but there must be some horrors too right?

How did you know? The weather gets the better of some places this month, and here are the ones worst affected…

  • Thailand – it’s typhoon season in many areas so best avoided in October.
  • Australia – in Northern Australia the weather won’t treat you too kindly in October so we’d recommend going elsewhere or heading further South to enjoy the Aussie hospitality.

Here’s what we would do


You will never experience anything like Antarctica in your lifetime, and October is the perfect time to do it. With stunning landscapes, good weather at this time of year and the start of the penguin mating season you will come back with memories to last a lifetime.

It’s also a fantastic time of year to visit Argentina, so we would team it with some time there too. Steak and Tango in Buenos Aires, wine tasting in Mendoza and the iconic Iguazu Falls.

It doesn’t get better than this.


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