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Singapore is a truly unique country; an island city-state in Southeast Asia that is rapidly becoming a popular holiday destination for families, couples and solo travellers. With luxury beach resorts, incredible architecture, a vibrant cultural heritage and a reputation for being one of the cleanest and safest cities in the world, Singapore offers an unforgettable travel experience to every visitor, and July is one of the best times to see the country’s sights.

Reasons to visit Singapore in July

Singapore Cityscape
  • The weather in Singapore is tropical all year round, and you’ll experience very warm temperatures in July with a good amount of sunshine
  • Two of the country’s most exciting festivals happen in July, making it one of the best times to visit
  • July is the last month in a tourism peak in Singapore, so if you travel at the end of the month then prices will be lower and there will be fewer crowds

Flights to Singapore in July

The best way to find cheap flights to Singapore is by searching for plane tickets around 2 to 4 months in advance, looking at prices from different providers.

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Weather in Singapore in July

The climate in Singapore is pretty unchanged throughout the year, with hot and humid weather every day and a relatively high chance of rain no matter the season. The climate in July will be warm and tropical, with high humidity and a fair chance of rainfall every day. It’s worth noting that there might also be a lot of haze from clearing fires in Singapore in July, so it’s often advised that you wear a mask when this is particularly bad, and consider visiting another time if you have breathing problems.


The average high temperature in Singapore in July is 31°C, dropping down to an average of 26°C at night. High levels of humidity can make this heat feel quite uncomfortable, so you are advised to bring very lightweight clothing to wear when you’re out and about. 

Clouds and Rainfall

There is an average of 15 days of rain in July in Singapore, with the majority of rainstorms likely to only last a few hours. The sky is usually quite overcast until the afternoon, when most sudden rain storms will have passed and you’ll be able to enjoy relatively clear skies for the rest of the day. 

Sunshine Hours

There are 12 hours of daylight in Singapore in July, with the sun rising just after 7 am and setting around 7.15 pm each day. Within this, you can expect an average of 6 hours of bright sunlight.

Where to go in Singapore in July

Sentosa Island

Off the south coast of Singapore is Sentosa Island, a small resort destination that is a brilliant place for a holiday. With everything from golden beaches to rainforests and luxury hotels, you can enjoy a wide range of activities and experiences during your visit. Universal Studios Singapore is also situated on the island, and is one of the country’s most-visited attractions.

If you’re after a tropical beach experience when coming to Singapore then Sentosa Island is one of the best places to enjoy this, with numerous different beaches around the island’s coast kitted out for holiday-makers with sun loungers, volleyball courts and eateries. There are hundreds of activities geared towards families, or if you are travelling on your own or in a couple then you can enjoy one of the report’s spas for the ultimate relaxing experience.   

Gardens by the Bay

One of the most iconic places in Singapore is Gardens by the Bay; three large garden spaces that have won numerous awards for their design and innovation. You’re likely to have seen photos of its Supertree Observatory, which feature huge tree-like structures that are connected by an aerial walkway and light up at night.

Gardens by the Bay is a must-see if you are visiting Singapore, as long as you’re prepared for how busy the attraction can get. It’s a marvel of gardening, sustainability and technology all working together in harmony to create a magical environment on the edge of the busy city, and should be on the top of every traveller’s bucket list for the country. 

Where to stay in Singapore in July

Singapore is known for being a particularly luxurious destination, which is reflected in many of the accommodation options. You can browse some of the top-rated hotels in Singapore here.

  • Naumi Hotel: Five star, boutique hotel that is ideal for couples
  • Atelier: Top-rated hostel in the Chinatown district

Things to do in Singapore in July

Kampong Glam

Stroll the Streets of Kampong Glam

If you’re looking for a quirky and Instagrammable part of Singapore to visit then we recommend the historic Muslim quarter known as Kampong Glam. When it was established in the 1800s the community was home to Arabs, Bugis, Boyanese and Javanese, and today this mix of cultures has helped it develop into a vibrant, trendy neighbourhood. 

Whether you want to shop in independent boutiques or try sensational new dishes, Kampong Glam has something for everyone amongst its colourful streets. As well as eclectic shops and restaurants, you can also walk past Singapore’s largest mosque, visit a museum dedicated to vintage cameras, or learn more about the country’s background at the Malay Heritage Centre.

Visit the Night Safari 

Singapore has a great range of different wildlife parks, but if you’re looking for a more exciting and unique experience then you’re sure to enjoy a visit to the Night Safari. This is the first wildlife park in the world that is dedicated to nocturnal animals and gives you the chance to see species that you might never have caught a glimpse of before in the daytime at a traditional zoo. 

You can explore the park on foot by following one of the designated trails, but for the best experience, you can book a ticket for the safari tram ride and spend 40 minutes on a special tour that takes you around the top attractions of the Night Safari. This is a particularly fun thing to do if you are travelling with children, but any adult is also bound to be intrigued and amazed at the variety of wildlife that lives in the park.  

Crowds & costs

There aren’t defined low and high seasons for tourism in Singapore because the country’s weather is pretty consistent all year round, but the months of June and July do tend to be a bit busier as many people visit the country on their summer holidays. The two massive cultural events that take place in July also bring a large crowd of tourists to Singapore, meaning that accommodation prices and flights can be more expensive than at other points of the year.  

July festivals & events

The Great Singapore Sale

The Great Singapore Sale is a huge shopping event that takes place throughout July every year. The festival aims to boost tourism in the region and sees almost every retailer across the country offer brilliant discounts on hundreds of their products. 

These sales are not only a highlight for the people of Singapore; numerous other shoppers travel from around the world to make the most of the incredible deals on offer. The whole island becomes a total shopping paradise during the festival, so if you’re really serious about bagging some bargains then remember to leave room in your suitcase to bring everything home! 

Singapore Food Festival

Another of Singapore’s most popular events is the annual Food Festival, held over seventeen days in July. The festival has four different pillars; art, modernity, culture and tradition, each of which has a different culinary focus that means there is something on offer for everyone, from classic Asian dishes to beautifully presented bites.

As well as a huge array of different food vendors offering dishes from around the world, the Singapore Food Festival also features demonstrations from top chefs, cooking workshops and other kinds of entertainment. There is a focus on authentic Singaporean cuisine with an overall aim to bring more awareness to the country’s culture and heritage through food, and it’s an absolutely unmissable event if you’re visiting whilst the festival is on.

Even if you don’t manage to visit Singapore during the food festival, you can book a food tour during your visit to enjoy flavours inspired by the island’s diverse population.

Cape Town

Frequently asked questions about Singapore in July

Is July the rainy season in Singapore?

There aren’t distinct wet and dry seasons in Singapore because the county experiences frequent rain all year round. There is a period known as Southwest-Monsoon Season that occurs between June and September, but this is characterised by early morning thunderstorms that clear by the afternoon, leaving the weather warm and dry.

What is the coolest month in Singapore?

Singapore’s climate is hot and humid the whole year round, but January sees the lowest temperatures of all the months. Humidity is still relatively high though, so don’t expect much respite from the heat. 


Singapore, or ‘The Lion City’, has an incredibly rich and diverse history, the traces of which can still be seen in the monuments, neighbourhoods and museums across the country. Enjoy the tropical climate, wonderful hospitality and wide range of holiday activities when you visit Singapore in July, and discover for yourself why so many people keep coming back to this splendid city. 

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Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means we can earn a small commission when our visitors click on them. This helps us to keep our content free and accessible for everyone, but you’ll never be charged for engaging with them.