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As the days start to grow shorter and the chill of autumn starts to creep in, many people manage to steal an escape to a hot country for one last sunny holiday before the winter, and Roatán is an ideal location to do just that. You’ll get a good amount of sunshine alongside passing rain showers, wonderfully warm temperatures and the chance to explore an island that has everything from white sand beaches to tropical rainforests; a perfect tropical paradise!

Weather in Roatán in October

Beach Resort


Roatán is known for being an island with incredibly lush greenery, and this is due to the rainfall that it receives during the wet season on the island. October is the first month of this, so you can expect a fair amount of rain if you visit in the middle of Autumn, although the temperature will still be high.


The average high temperature in Roatán in October is a hot 30°C, combined with high humidity. This tends to drop down to 24°C at night, meaning that you can stay out on the beach long after sunset without getting cold.

Sea Temperature

The average sea temperature in Roatán in October is 29°C, which is a very pleasant temperature for swimming. The water surrounding the island is calm and warm for the majority of the year, but you should avoid swimming, diving or any water sports if there is a storm on the horizon. 

Clouds and Rainfall

October is the start of Roatán’s rainy season, but this is nowhere near as bad as the wet weather than many other tropical countries experience. Whilst there is an average of 21 days of rain on Roatán across the month, you will experience 1 or 2 days of heavy rain at most before the weather brightens up again, and are unlikely to get caught in any storms.

Sunshine Hours

There are 12 hours of daylight each day on Roatán in October, with 6 hours of sunshine happening within these. The high chance of rain means that the sky is quite likely to be cloudy, but you are sure to have a few hours of sunshine most days as well. 

Where to go in Roatán in October

Port of Roatan

French Harbour 

French Harbour is known as the economic centre of Roatán and is where many of the island’s established business professionals choose to live. As well as a busy harbour and yacht marina, French Harbour has many banks, hotels, resorts and restaurants, so there is a lot to do here even in October when the weather is wet. 

West Bay

Perhaps the most visited town in the whole of Roatán, West Bay is a top spot for cruise ship day trips and therefore is an ideal place to visit in the low season for tourism, when it won’t be heaving with other travellers. Here you can enjoy what is widely considered the best beach on the entire island, with clean white sand and fantastic snorkelling opportunities, along with lovely beachfront restaurants and shops.  

Things to do in Roatán in October

Beach in Roatan

Experience a Glass-Bottomed Boat Trip

If the skies are looking grey but the sea is still calm, why not explore the waters surrounding Roatán with a glass-bottomed boat tour? Experience the ocean with unbeatable views of the creatures beneath the surface on one of the specially designed boats that offer trips around the island, with clear floors and underwater windows that are perfect for admiring the Caribbean’s famous reefs. 

Swim at Half Moon Bay Beach

There are numerous days on Roatán in October where the weather is ideal for swimming in the sea, and one of the best beaches across the whole island for watersports and swimming is Half Moon Bay Beach. With smooth, golden sand and clear water, you’ll feel as though you’ve found paradise whilst you enjoy your surroundings, and it’s also a great place to watch the sunset if you decide to spend your whole day beside the sea. 

Crowds & costs

October is part of the low season for tourism on Roatán, and even the busy parts of the island are unlikely to be particularly crowded during the month. This month is one of the best times to make the most of the reduced prices from staying in one of Roatán’s holiday resorts, but accommodation is likely to be cheaper across the whole island and flights will be reasonably priced as well. 

October Festivals and Events

Francisco Morazan Day

October 3rd is a celebrated date in Honduras because it is the birthday of Francisco Morazan, who was a very important political figure involved with uniting the countries of Central America. This public holiday is also known as Honduran Soldier’s Day, as is celebrated in Roatán as well as on the mainland.

Pier in Roatan

Frequently asked questions about Roatán in October

Can you drink the water in Roatán?

It is not recommended that you drink the tap water in Roatán, as it may contain bacteria that could make you unwell. You should only buy sealed, bottled water when you are out and about on the island, and many hotels and resorts will also be able to provide you with purified water to drink. 

What language is spoken in Roatán?

Whilst the official language of Honduras, the country that Roatán is a part of, is Spanish, the most commonly spoken language on the island is actually Caribbean English, because of the strong Garifuna culture. It’s certainly helpful to know a few useful phrases in Spanish, but if you’re only speaking English then someone is likely to understand you. 


Whether you’re looking to spend as much time as possible on the beach, want to snorkel above Roatán’s incredible reefs or fancy exploring the rural forests on the east of the island, there are countless things to do when you visit Roatán in October. Don’t let the risk of wet weather put you off; come and see for yourself why this hidden gem of the Caribbean has become such a popular holiday destination!

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Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means we can earn a small commission when our visitors click on them. This helps us to keep our content free and accessible for everyone, but you’ll never be charged for engaging with them.