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Roatán is a small Caribbean island off the coast of Honduras that originally was just a cruise ship destination, often overlooked by travellers in favour of other tropical locations. In recent years however, Roatán’s popularity has grown as more and more people have discovered its idyllic scenery, luxury resorts, perfect beaches and superb scuba diving opportunities. May is an ideal time to discover Roatán for yourself and enjoy an experience of paradise on the island. 

Weather in Roatán in May

Coast of Roatan


Roatán is known for its gloriously sunny weather, and May is one of the best months to enjoy full days of bright sunshine with a very low chance of rain. The island is blessed with a near-constant breeze as well, which means that humidity tends to feel quite low and the heat doesn’t often get unbearable.  


Temperatures in Roatán in May tend to hover in the low thirties, with the average high during the day being 31°C. The temperature usually drops to around 24°C in the evenings, which is certainly still warm enough to enjoy sitting on the beach or a restaurant terrace as the sun sets. 

Water Temperature

The average water temperature in Roatán in May is 28°C, which will feel very warm to the majority of people and is ideal for swimming. Getting in the sea is one of the best ways to stay cool during the day on the island, made even better by the fact that Roatán’s water is crystal clear, deep blue, and full of incredible sea creatures when you go further out from the shore. 

Clouds and Rainfall

May sees a low amount of rainfall across Roatán, with only 6 – 8 days of rain during the month. There may be some cloudy and overcast days, but most of the time Roatán will be dry and sunny in May. 

Sunshine Hours

The sun rises at around 5.15 am in the morning on Roatán, and tends to set just after 6 pm in the evening. There are 13 hours of daylight on the island in May, with 8 hours of sunshine within this.

Where to go in Roatán in May

Beach Resort

West Bay

Perhaps the most visited town in the whole of Roatán, West Bay is a top spot for cruise ship day trips and has what is widely considered the best beach on the entire island, with clean white sand and fantastic snorkelling opportunities. Whilst West Bay tends to be incredibly busy during the tourist season, visiting in May will mean that the beach and the town will be quieter but not completely deserted, and you can enjoy the atmosphere of the promenade as well as relaxing by the ocean. 

Little French Key

Another one of Roatán’s top attractions is the private resort of Little French Key, named after the French pirate that first discovered the small island and settled there. Little French Key is one of the best holiday resorts in all of Honduras, offering an incredible array of activities for both its guests and visitors coming to the island for the day, including snorkelling, horseback riding, watersports and an underwater museum. Prices for this resort will be lower in May than in the high season for tourism, and it is also likely to be quieter and provide a more relaxing experience for those wanting an all-inclusive holiday in Roatán.

Things to do in Roatán in May


Visit Roatán’s Sloth Sanctuary 

Daniel Johnson’s Monkey and Sloth Hangout is a popular attraction on Roatán for adults and children alike, offering visitors the chance to see a variety of island animals at a family-run sanctuary. The sanctuary actually offers a range of different tours and animal experiences, but the highlight for many people is the chance to feed and hold some of the sanctuary’s sloths and come away with adorable photos and treasured memories.

Swim at Half Moon Bay Beach

Half Moon Bay is on the west coast of Roatán and is a stunning stretch of sand that offers every kind of beach activity you could dream of. Whilst swimming in the bay’s calm, crystal clear waters is a treat in itself, you can also take part in snorkelling or scuba diving excursions, kayaking or submarine rides as well. May’s warm weather is perfect for a day at the beach, and Half Moon Bay is one of Roatán’s finest.

Crowds & costs

May is just at the end of the tourist season in Roatán, making it an excellent time to enjoy the island’s hot weather but avoid the high prices of hotels and flights that you’ll find earlier in the year. Roatán won’t be empty of tourists, but you can expect to find the resorts and west coast of the island a lot quieter than the previous few months, which is ideal if you want a quieter trip.

May festivals and events

Caribbean Cup Freediving Competition

Roatán’s Caribbean Cup has become one of the world’s most important freediving competitions since its launch in 2013, and is a thrilling sporting event for both spectators and participants. Freedivers come to the island from a huge range of countries to compete, entering one of four different categories as they try and reach the greatest depth whilst holding their breath. 

Frequently asked questions about Roatán in May

What’s the best time to go diving in Roatán?

Roatán is an island on which you can dive the whole year round, as the sea is generally calm and usually a pleasant enough temperature to spend long periods underwater. You may find it more pleasant during the summer months however, when the water and air temperatures are warmer. 

Is it always windy in Roatán?

Roatán is known for the strong breeze that blows in from the south across the island, and whilst this doesn’t often drop the wind is always warm and takes the edge off the humidity on Roatán during the summer months. It may pick up during wet season when storms are more likely, but the chances of a hurricane are very low. 


With soaring temperatures, clear skies and ideal swimming conditions, visiting Roatán in May guarantees that you’ll enjoy the best of the island’s weather and have the chance to make the most of its fantastic coast. Whether you’re looking for adventurous activities on the water and in the forests or seeking a relaxing tropical holiday, Roatán is a destination that has it all, and which you’ll find yourself coming back to time after time.  

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Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means we can earn a small commission when our visitors click on them. This helps us to keep our content free and accessible for everyone, but you’ll never be charged for engaging with them.