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The ‘City of Angels’ is one of the most popular cities in all of America to visit on holiday, let alone of one of the most popular parts of California. Famed for its Hollywood history and home to some of the world’s most glamorous celebrities and business owners, Los Angeles is a place like no other that the majority of travellers have on their must-see list.

When you first think of LA you might picture miles of beautiful beach and brilliant sunshine, but there is much more to the city than its summer weather and activities. Visiting in March allows you to enjoy much more pleasant temperatures and far less other tourists clogging the streets, providing the perfect opportunity to explore the city and its surrounding landscape. 

Reasons to Visit LA in March

Hollywood Sunset
  • March is part of the low season for tourism in LA, meaning that you’ll find much lower prices for accommodation and travel across the city
  • The weather in March is very pleasant and most days will be mild and sunny, offering ideal conditions for exploring or physical activity
  • LA is likely to be relatively quiet most of the month of the MArch, except for the weekend of St Patrick’s Day which could get very busy

Weather in LA in March

LA is one of the warmer parts of the North American continent in March, and although you won’t get the blistering summer temperatures that California is famous for, the city still sees a fair amount of sunshine. Whilst the weather isn’t really suited to the beach, it is perfect for hiking in the surrounding area, exploring the city or getting active.


In LA in March the average high temperature is 19°C during the day, and when the sun is out you can often get away with enjoying this in just a t-shirt. The average low temperature is a much cooler 9°C which will definitely require a jacket or coat if you are out and about in the evening. 

Sea Temperature

Whilst LA is a popular beach destination, in March the average sea temperature is only 15°C which most people will find far too cold for swimming. You will be fine just dipping your toes in the water, but we don’t recommend going for a full-on dip unless you’re a fan of cold water swimming.

Clouds and Rainfall

Whilst you might find LA reasonably cloudy throughout March, on average there are only around 6 days of rain during the month. It is recommended that you bring a raincoat with you if you visit the city during the month as rain showers can be prolonged, but you shouldn’t encounter too many during your trip.

Sunshine Hours

There are 11 hours of brilliant sunshine in March in LA every day, which is very pleasant for those who are spending their time getting out and about. The sun tends to rise just after 6 am in the mornings (and then after 7 am once the clocks go forward) and sets just before 6 pm.

Where to go in LA in March

Venice Beach

One of the most famous parts of LA is Venice Beach; the bohemian boardwalk on the city’s coast that offers an alternative atmosphere to the rest of the area. You’ll find it less crowded than usual in March and full of city regulars instead of curious tourists, so there’s no better time to enjoy a spot of people watching.

Whilst it probably won’t be warm enough to enjoy the beach, you can stroll along the Venice Boardwalk and share the pavement with skaters, cyclists, runners and even the bodybuilders who come to work out on Muscle Beach. There are plenty of independent shops and cafes nearby which are perfect for a morning coffee and a bit of browsing, or you can explore the nearby Venice Canals for a totally different experience.

Red Rock Canyon

The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a protected part of the landscape in the Mojave Desert outside of LA. In the summer the desert’s heat can be unbearable, but in March you’ll be able to enjoy cool and sunny weather that is ideal for a day spent hiking or exploring the area.

There is a 13-mile ‘Scenic Drive’ route through the Canyon that is perfect for cars, bikes or motorbikes and offers a great way of seeing the highlights of the area. There are also plenty of different trails and paths for walks of any length, along with popular climbing spots and sheltered areas that are ideal for camping trips. 

What to do in LA in March

Rodeo Drive LA

Explore the Huntington Library Botanical Gardens

In the bright and breezy March weather, there’s no better way to spend your afternoon than strolling through meticulously manicured gardens and stopping to sit and soak up your surroundings. The Botanical Gardens are attached to the beautiful Huntington Library building and feature 120 acres of public gardens that all have a different theme and are each beautifully designed.

Window Shop on Rodeo Drive

Made famous by its inclusion in numerous films, most notably ‘Pretty Women’ (1990), Rodeo Drive is a street in LA lined with expensive and designer boutiques. Whilst most tourists are unlikely to be able to afford a shopping spree in such a boujee area, it’s still definitely worth exploring and enjoying a bit of ‘what if…?’ window shopping.

Tour Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown LA is a fascinating part of the city, and one of the most popular ways to learn about this district and discover its highlights is by taking part in an organised walking tour. The weather in March is perfect for seeing the city on foot, and tour groups are likely to be quite small which is great if you want the chance to ask questions.

Crowds & costs

The peak tourist season in LA happens over the summer, beginning around May and lasting until the start of September. It’s the hot and sunny weather that attracts so many visitors over the season, making March a great time to visit if you don’t enjoy either crowds of tourists or the heat!

Prices for flights and accommodation in LA in March will be much lower than if you are planning a holiday in the summer, so it’s a good time to come to the city if you’re travelling on a budget. Whilst popular sightseeing spots are unlikely to be empty, you won’t find the same level of queues and crowds as in the middle of the year, so it’s a good time to tick off some spots on that bucket list!

March festivals & events

St Patrick's Day

LA Marathon

Whilst it might not sound like much of an annual event, the LA Marathon has been taking place for over 30 years and is one of the city’s most popular events for both athletes and the general public. The marathon famously follows a route that features some of the most iconic landmarks in Los Angeles, meaning that wherever you watch the race you’re sure to also have a great view of the city.

The LA Marathon is a significant event for the area as it has helped to make it stand out as a sports destination as well as somewhere that is famous for its films. The day of the marathon is full of excitement and you’ll find plenty of outdoor food stalls and other activities along the route.

St. Patrick’s Day

The celebration of St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th was originally a religious Irish festival, but nowadays has become one of America’s greatest cultural celebrations. Even though the Irish Catholic population in North America is relatively small, almost every state goes wild for events celebrating the saint, and LA is no exception.

Drinking and partying are the main items on the agenda for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in LA, and there are plenty of organised bar crawls and parties that you can join in. You will find activities happening all over the city, and it’s a great excuse to let your hair down and enjoy the nightlife in the city.

Frequently asked questions about Nicaragua in January

Is it hot in California in March?

California isn’t as hot as it is in the summer in March, but the weather is still very bright and pleasant. The average high temperature is 19°C, and though there is a fair chance of rain you should also enjoy quite a bit of sunshine.

Can you go to the beach in LA in March?

Whilst you can still visit all of the beaches on the coast of Los Angeles in March, the weather isn’t usually warm enough to want to spend your day sitting on the sand or swimming in the water. Whilst it might be mild and sunny the conditions won’t be anything like the summer’s weather, so we wouldn’t recommend planning a beach holiday at this time of year. 


Los Angeles is a city with a reputation for glamour, stardom and endless excitement, and we certainly think that it lives up to this evaluation. Its huge size means that there is a wide range of places to visit and enjoy, whether you’re looking for cheesy tourist sightseeing spots, classic Californian beaches, cultural highlights or beautiful scenery.

Instead of joining the masses in the summer holidays, visiting LA in the spring gives you the chance to really see the city at your own pace and make the most of its outdoor attractions without absolutely roasting in the heat. It’s one of the most popular places in all of America, and after visiting just once you’re bound to understand why.

Want to find out more about the top destinations in America to visit in March? Read our guides to Panama and Argentina, or take a look at our rundown of Where to Go in March.

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Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means we can earn a small commission when our visitors click on them. This helps us to keep our content free and accessible for everyone, but you’ll never be charged for engaging with them.