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The archipelago of Indonesia is made up of over 17,000 different islands of all shapes and sizes, offering travellers experiences that range from interactions with Komodo dragons to surfing retears and romantic getaways. Located between Asia and Australia, the weather in Indonesia is warm and tropical all year round, and July sees some of the best conditions for taking a holiday to one of the brilliant islands that are part of the country. Whatever you’re looking for on your travels, you’re sure to find it here.

Reasons to visit Indonesia in July

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  • July falls in the country’s dry season so you’ll experience brilliant weather throughout your stay
  • Despite high temperatures, a lot of Indonesia’s islands aren’t very humid in July which makes it an ideal time to go hiking
  • July is peak tourist season for the popular Indonesian islands, but it’s a great time to explore the less-visited locations for a more authentic experience of the country

Weather in Indonesia in July

July occurs within the dry season in Indonesia, so you’ll experience a lot of warm, dry and sunny weather whenever you visit during the month. It won’t be particularly humid and most places will be quite breezy, so conditions are ideal for more energetic activities like cycling or trekking. 


Average temperatures across Indonesia in July are around 30°C, which may feel a little cooler when you are close to the coast. The temperature tends to only drop to 24°C at night, so make sure you’ve packed light clothing that is suitable for hot weather and check that your accommodation has air conditioning. UV rays will be very strong as well, so ensure that you pack adequate sun protection.

Sea Temperature

The average water temperature in Indonesia in July is 29°C, so it’s a fantastic time to enjoy swimming in the Indian and Pacific Oceans that surround the archipelago. 

Clouds and Rainfall

The majority of Indonesia will experience dry and cloudless weather in July, with only a couple of days expected to see rain. The exceptions to this are the islands of Borneo and Sumatra, which tend to be a lot wetter at this point of the year and can have up to 12 days of rain during the month. 

Sunshine Hours

There are around 11 hours of daylight each day in Indonesia in July, with 9 hours of sunshine within this. The sun rises each morning just after 6 am and sets before 6 pm at night. 

Where to go in Indonesia in July


Java is the fourth largest island in Indonesia and is home to over half of the country’s population. Despite this, it is often overlooked by tourists in favour of other islands so it is an ideal place to visit in July to avoid crowds of other travellers and enjoy an authentic experience of Indonesia. 

The island is known for its brilliant scenery, and is a great place to visit if you want to do a lot of hiking on your holiday and make the most of the optimal weather conditions. There are many large volcano peaks which are a highlight for any adventurous traveller, as well as numerous temples to visit and towns and cities to explore. You could spend your whole holiday in Java and not run out of things to do, and it’s a great alternative to other popular islands in the country. 


Lombok is right next to the popular holiday island of Bali, and is another great place to enjoy a quieter Indonesian island experience. With beautiful beaches and lush forests that are perfect for trekking, it’s a brilliant location to visit in July when the weather isn’t as humid and conditions are perfect for outdoor exploration.

A highlight of Lombok is the nearby Gili Islands, which again offer picturesque scenery and a range of different activities. Gili Trawangan is a great place to visit if you’re looking for exciting nightlife and budget accommodation, whereas Gili Meno is the smallest of the three islands and known as being the ultimate romantic destination. If you’re visiting Lombok you should definitely venture out to at least one of these beautiful locations, even if just for the day. 

Things to do in Indonesia in July

Go Surfing in Bali

Kuta Beach in Bali is renowned for being a watersports paradise, and though it may be quite busy in July it is the ultimate destination if you’re looking to surf. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the waves on this beach are legendary and the whole area is full of enthusiasts that give it a great atmosphere.

Other activities are available at Kunta Beach however, so if surfing isn’t your thing then you can give kiteboarding, snorkelling or even scuba diving a go. 

Visit a Temple Complex

Indonesia is known for its huge range of Hindu and Buddhist temples that are scattered across the islands, and wherever you travel on your holiday in July, you must visit at least one of these magnificent complexes. It’s worth looking up the appropriate etiquette for visiting the temples on different islands before you plan a trip, as the majority of places require that you dress appropriately or bring something to cover yourself with, especially if you’re a woman. 

Pura Besakih is the largest and most important Hindu temple on the island of Bali, featuring incredible, unmissable views of the surrounding area from its position on Mount Agung. Java is also a brilliant island for temples, with notable sites to visit including Candi Plaosan, Sewu Temple and Borobudur, which is the largest Hindu temple in the world.  

Crowds & costs

Thanks to the hot and sunny weather, July is one of the busiest months in Indonesia because of the large number of tourists that come to the country to enjoy the heat. Prices for food, accommodation and travel will be quite high to reflect the peak tourist season, so it’s a good idea to book your holiday well in advance to secure the best deals for your trip.

July festivals & events

Bali Kite Festival

The Bali Kite Festival is one of the biggest annual festivals in Indonesia, held in either July or August in the coastal area of Padang Galak on the island of Bali. At this point in the year the winds are particularly strong across the island which provides perfect conditions for kite flying, and it’s a brilliant event if you are participating or just spectating. 

Historically, the festival began as a way to thank the Hindu gods for the crops and harvest that they had provided the people of Bali with and has now developed into a festival that attracts visitors from all over the world. Kite fliers compete in teams and each kind of kite has a different competition category, with fliers trying to win prizes for the best launch or the longest flight. 

Eid Al Adha

Eid Al Adha is an Islamic holiday which often falls in July, and can last for up to four days. Indonesia has a large Muslim population and so the festival is a big event in the country, celebrated to commemorate the loyalty of the prophet Ibrahim to Allah. 

Most Muslims celebrate Eid Al Adha with a trip to the mosque in their best clothes, and then a celebration with friends and family afterwards for a big meal. If you’re on one of the islands with a large Muslim population during the festival then you’ll likely notice the celebrations, as it’s a very festive time for the community. 

Frequently asked questions about Indonesia in July

What is the hottest month in Indonesia?

The hottest month of the year in Indonesia is September, when average high temperatures are over 30°C most days. Temperatures throughout the year are fairly consistent though, so even the coldest months are relatively warm. 

Is Indonesia dangerous for tourists?

Indonesia poses a moderate risk to tourists coming to the country, as there is a chance that you will experience terrorist activity or natural disasters whilst you are there. They are quite unlikely however, and the most danger you are likely to encounter is being the victim of petty theft. 


Indonesia has a huge amount to offer all kinds of travellers, from those who are looking for challenge and adventure to holiday-makers who want to relax on sandy beaches beside great expanses of the ocean. July is a popular time to visit for a reason, but if you plan ahead you can ensure you escape the crowds and have a holiday experience that you won’t forget.

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Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means we can earn a small commission when our visitors click on them. This helps us to keep our content free and accessible for everyone, but you’ll never be charged for engaging with them.