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Colombia is a brilliant holiday destination because of its wide range of regions, each offering travellers a different climate, landscape and culture to enjoy . From the sunny Caribbean and Pacific Coasts to the mountainous Andean region and the humid Amazon rainforest, there’s truly something for everything in this thrilling country. A holiday in July is a brilliant idea for those who want to get to know Colombia better.

Reasons to visit Colombia in July

Street in Colombia
  • July falls at the start of one of Colombia’s dry seasons so you’re unlikely to see much rain on your trip, particularly if you are by the coast 
  • Colombian Independence day is in July, and if you’re in the country during this holiday there are celebrations almost everywhere
  • The differences in climate across Colombia’s regions means that you can enjoy either hot sunshine or cooler temperatures in July, depending on where you visit

Flights to Colombia in July

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Weather in Colombia in July

Colombian Countryside

The weather in Colombia doesn’t alter much from its warm and tropical state throughout the year, as its equatorial position means that the seasons never really change. What will affect the weather you experience in July is the region of Colombia you are in, so it’s worth reading up on the differences in climate before you travel. 


The average temperatures around Colombia vary quite a lot in July, with higher-up regions experiencing cooler weather than ones beside the coast. The average high and low temperatures in Cartagena in July are 32°C and 26°C, in Medellín they are 21°C and 16°C, and in the capital city of Bogotá they are 17°C and 10°C. 

Sea Temperature

Colombia has two different coasts; the Pacific and the Caribbean, both of which offer great opportunities for enjoying the beach and swimming in the sea. The average water temperature on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast is 29°C, whilst the water temperature on the Pacific Coast is around 27-28°C. 

Clouds and Rainfall

Just like the temperature in Colombia, the amount of rain that you’re likely to experience in July will again depend on which part of the country you are visiting. Coastal Cartagena is your best choice for sunshine with only 8 days of rain on average in July, whereas the rainforest and Andes regions of Colombia see a lot more rain; around 18 days on average. 

Sunshine Hours

The position of Columbia on the equator means that there is not much change in day length or the amount of sunshine that the country gets each month. In July you can expect around 5-7 hours of sun each day, with the sunrise at about 5.45 am and sunset at 6.30 pm. 

Where to go in Colombia in July

Cartagena Old Town


Cartagena is found on Colombia’s Caribbean coast and is one of the most popular parts of the country to visit on holiday. With a beautiful stretch of beach and several picturesque islands nearby, you can enjoy stretching out on the sand and watching the palm trees sway in the breeze for the ultimate relaxing Caribbean experience.

This isn’t all that Cartagena has to offer however; the city’s best attraction is the walled Old Town in its centre which is filled with colourful, colonial buildings and fascinating stories from the past. Why not take part in a guided walking tour, and benefit from the expert knowledge of a local guide as you explore this UNESCO World Heritage site?

You might find Cartagena fairly busy in July, but it’s a location you need to visit even just for a day to enjoy the diversity of the city and the fantastic architecture and atmosphere. 


A good way to avoid the crush of tourists that come to Colombia in July is to visit some of the country’s quieter areas like the Chocó department, which mainly borders the Pacific coast of Colombia. Chocó is known for its large Afro-Colombian population that has given the area a strong musical heritage, and for the fact that it makes up all of Colombia’s border with Panama.  

Chocó is a great place to visit for outdoor adventure, as you’ve got a wonderful selection of beaches, forests and national parks to explore in the area. It’s quite a rural part of the country which makes it ideal for those wanting to disconnect from modern life for a while, and you’ll be amazed at the variety of wildlife and terrain there is to explore.

Where to stay in Colombia in July

Accommodation options in Colombia vary depending on the area of the country you’re staying in, as hotels and resorts on the coast offer a very different experience to places to stay in the more rural spots inland.

Take a look at some of the top-rated hotels in Bogotá here.

  • Hotel Grand Park: A great value, 4-star hotel with a restaurant, swimming pool and views of the city and the mountains
  • Ulucaho Hostel: A great, budget option for those wanting to stay close to the historic centre of Bogotá

Take a look at some of the top-rated hotels in Cartagena here.

  • Casa Pombo: A stylish, colonial-style hotel only a 10-minute walk from the beach
  • El Barrio Hostal: A high-quality hostel in central Cartagena

Things to do in Colombia in July

Visit a Coffee Farm

Colombia’s towns and cities can be very busy in July, so visiting more rural parts of the country when deciding on what to do on your holiday is a good idea if you’re not a big fan of crowds and tourist traps. Columbia is famous for its coffee production, and one of the great things you can do on your trip is visiting a coffee farm and learn more about the process that produces one of the world’s favourite drinks. 

You can find numerous farms in Colombia’s ‘Zona Cafetera’ (Coffee Region), many of which offer guided tours of their equipment and explain the process in action. After your tour, why not visit a restaurant or cafe in the area to enjoy the signature flavour of the region’s coffee beans to complete the experience? 

Go Colombian Island Hopping

There are a number of different islands and archipelagos off the Caribbean coast of Colombia, and if you want to enjoy a more peaceful and relaxing holiday then exploring these little slices of paradise is an excellent idea. Many of the islands are uninhabited, some have been turned into holiday resorts and some are privately owned, but most are accessible by boat from the mainland and provide a picturesque escape to the middle of the ocean. 

San Andrés is one of Colombia’s most popular islands, surrounded by the famous ‘Sea of Seven Colours’ and home to a great range of beaches, hotels, restaurants and resorts. The romantic island of Providencia is also a great destination, as are the rugged Rosario Islands and Tierra Bomba Island, which can be easily reached from Cartagena and is a great place to start your island-hopping adventure.

Crowds & costs

July is the peak month of the high season for tourism in Colombia, so you’ll have to be prepared for a lot of other travellers in the country’s popular cities and high prices for travel and accommodation. Larger cities and the more rural and coastal areas will feel less busy, as there is more space here for tourists to spread out, whereas places like Cartagena can get very crowded.

July festivals & events

Colombian Independence Day

The biggest event in Colombia in July is the country’s Independence Day, which is celebrated on the 20th of the month. This public holiday commemorates the anniversary of Colombia’s independence from Spain, which was said to begin with a political uprising in Bogota in 1810.

Across the country, the event is celebrated with parades, parties and street events that are full of energy and national pride. Wherever you are there is bound to be something happening, so don’t be afraid to join the party and enjoy the festivities.

Frequently asked questions about Colombia in July

What months are summer in Colombia?

Colombia is very close to the equator, so there aren’t four defined seasons like you’ll find in many parts of the world. Instead, the climate is categorised into two different periods: wet season and dry season. 

What is the rainy season in Colombia?

The rainy season in Colombia happens from April to May and October to November, although other months of the year can experience a fair bit of wet and humid weather as well.


Colombia is a top travel destination that has been somewhat overlooked in recent years, but we think it’s an ideal place for an adventurous holiday in July. With the vast variety of landscapes and scenery on offer, there’s something for everyone to be found in this vibrant country, from sweeping beaches to wild rainforests and colonial cities.

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